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Too good to last...

...Rob got laid off today. They ran out of work - the cabinetmaking industry is as bad as the animation industry in that regard.


Here we go again. Dammit. He can't hope to find another job with a wage anywhere near what he was earning there. Our savings plans for the year are out the window. We can probably forget most of the new furniture. No new computer. No new audiovisual equipment. We don't have a TV at all, so we'll probably have to pick one up secondhand.

On the upside, we finished paying off the credit card yesterday. I'll be closing the account one afternoon this week. The Commonwealth Bank are PRICKS. That's a long story I really can't be bothered going into, but we're changing the credit card to a St George bank one, I think. I wouldn't have one at all, but it's necessary for certain things, like my Paypal account.

I should have known this was coming; we've been too damn lucky the past week or so. >_<

Argh. It'd help if this hadn't happened on the first day of my period. Maybe then I wouldn't be feeling like life is just one big disappointment after another.
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