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I take it back...

I take back anything nice I just said about work. ~_~()

*glares at the ever-growing pile of job bags*


I was THIS close to tearing out my hair half an hour ago. *sigh* I wanna go home and cleanup my Xchange pic. I wanna play poker while Vicki munches on the pasta betting chips. I wanna be able to stay up late with Robbie if I want to, or read, or make love, or talk about stupid things long into the night without freaking out about the time because we have to drag ourselves out of bed at 5:30am. I wanna play stupid games of Truth or Dare. I wanna have the time to start walking regularly, I LIKE walking in the mornings! I wanna... Hey, crap. I sound like a 5 year old. ;P

Can't wait for this year to be over, tho. Shit. If I'm gonna be stressed and run off my feet, I at least wanna be stressed and run off my feet in the animation industry. >_<

I don't GET this job. It goes from "slow and mind-numbingly boring" to "heart-palpitating stress attack" in the space of an hour! :P

What I wouldn't give for a pencil and a walkman, a headache-inducing lightdisk, and a bunch of co-workers who consider it perfectly ordinary to have a paper-ball fight every Friday...

Soon, my pretties... sooooooon... ;)
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