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Peter Garrett for Prime Minister! ;D

*snerk* This one's mainly for the Australians on my friendslist.

Peter Garrett, frontman of left-wing longtime Aussie rock band "Midnight Oil", has successfully joined the Labor Party and is making a serious move into politics. He's always been a political person, but up until now, his work with the band seemed to keep him from being anything but peripherally involved.

I'm a huge fan of Midnight Oil, and so is my mate Juston, an American animator with a beautifully bizarre sense of humor. ^__^ When I was jokingly speculating about what kind of Prime Minister Peter Garrett would make, Juston commented:

His national addresses would be interesting. He'd shimmy his way up to the poduim, looking like an epileptic on a hot skillet. Then belt out a rousing oration, then squeak out a tune on his harmonica. The press wouldn't ask annoying questions afterwards, but light lighters and hoot for an encore.

*grins* Word.
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