Tangles (tania) wrote,

The problem with only updating once every two months is it's super hard to pick a subject.

I'm here because I'm procrastinating, and I'm procrastinating because I'm in the middle of playing catch-up on everyday life. For the past couple of weeks I had three of my QLD friends staying - a few of the old Reel Time Gaming crew - and we explored the living hell out of Tasmania. We frolicked in the snow on Mt Wellington and (on a particularly clear, sunny day) in Mt Field National Park, on the ski run atop Mt Mawson. We drove to the west coast, through the stripped-bare hills of Queenstown, stopped at Strahan to watch the curlers come in all the way from Africa, spotted a whale, took goofy photos in front of Cradle Mountain, and loads more.

From left to right: Joe, JB, Mark, me and Rosa.

Why is planking a thing when there are jump photos to be had?

I've been doing well with the Diploma; good marks, and I managed to keep my righteous indignation to myself (well, and Twitter) when a teacher marked me down for using a sentence fragment in a creative writing piece.

At the moment I've got two job applications in for consideration: I'm chasing a web services officer position with the University of Tasmania, and a graphic designer position with the Department of Health and Human Services. I need full-time work to do some of the things I want to do with my life and I also need some time out from the private sector. Judging by the pay and conditions offered by these two jobs, jumping over to the public sector is something I should have considered a long time ago. Wish me luck; either job would be brilliant (but I'm really rooting for the DHHS one).

In art news, when I finish my next two assignments, I'm finally going to update my portfolio. Gasp and shock, I know. Going to give it a more illustrative bent.

In writing news, I recently finished a picture book manuscript that I'm quite fond of. I've run it through various students and teachers at my course plus a pro picture book writer and they're all keen on it. I wish I had more confidence in myself. Pretty sure that my perfectionist streak and crippling self-doubt have been holding me back for quite a while now. Possibly since Disney. I don't feel like I've done much with myself since then, creatively - too wrapped up in uncertainty and indecision. It's about time I cut that shit out!

...right after I finish these assignments.

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