Tangles (tania) wrote,

Novel progress

I'm 25,000 words into the second draft, and have just sent out the first three chapters to my lovely volunteer critics. Have already had some lovely feedback about Chapter One, as well as Mark's usual spot-on analysis. That lad is totally getting a mention in my Acknowledgements. ;) He's put more time in on my novel than some people ever put into their own.

I'm happy with how the story is coming together. Don't have much else to report - all I've done this week is write! I've now had multiple readers tell me the work is publishable, which is lovely to hear, but I'm putting that firmly in the "ignore" basket until it comes from an agent. I'm beginning to think that someday it just might.

But then, I also have days when I despair and think I'm totally wasting my time, so don't take my word on anything.

It's slightly irritating that every time I work on the novel, my weightloss plateaus. I can raise my wordcount or drop my weight, but not both at once. Still, as long as I'm not gaining, I'm happy to pause here for a few months while I get this second draft out. I'm halfway to my target (I've lost 10kg / ~20 pounds) and feeling pretty good about it, and I'd like to get at least a bit of wear out of these clothes before I shrink out of 'em again. Still, I'd best be keeping an eye on myself; it's dead easy to slip from 'plateau' to 'slow gain' without noticing.

The rest of this week will be more varied. I'm working tomorrow and Saturday, bushwalking with Joey on Sunday if the weather provides, and then we're having our friends Rob and Simone to stay on Sunday night. PMS is bothering me, but what's new. In general, life is rosy!

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