Tangles (tania) wrote,

Hobbit along

So I'm still alive (I think all my LJ entries start like this, these days). I really didn't mean to up and abandon LJ like that. I want to keep using this thing the rest of my life. However, having internet access is a pretty vital step in the whole "using LJ" thing and, sadly, I don't. After a month of dealing with the internet company we've all finally discovered that there is no way to connect the internet to our Huonville* house. Aside from wireless 3G, which I'm currently using... but it isn't very good and my plan only allows for 2 gig per month, which wouldn't be practical even if it was fast enough to do more than the basics.

In other words, this LJ drought will continue for a while. Sorry guys! Being down here makes for a Hobbit-esque lifestyle. I may be without TV and internet, but there's a damn fine cherry orchard down the road selling massive bags of fresh berries every day, and there's a floating cafe on the river in town selling my favourite brand of coffee, and right now there are birds singing outside my window... I'm content.

I'm losing weight (ten kilos down, ten to go) and working out. Earning a pair of biceps. I'm fond of them. Joey's well; he's trying to get a transfer from the Kingston Subway to the Huonville one, but changes at Subway take place at glacial speeds. The cats are doing great; their run is all set up and I'm in the middle of creating their sandpit. We keep finding amazing original oil paintings in the local op shops. We have a papsan lounge which we use, heavily, every day. In warmer weather we use the porch swing. We strung fairy lights under the canopy.

My job goes well, I'm paying down the few debts I had, and have begun to build savings again.

I'm still writing. Without a solid internet connection I think I'll probably get a whole lot more done. Now that the dust has settled from the move I'm developing a routine, and making myself available to work only on certain days is helping out there.

No word on the course I've applied for at UTAS yet. It seems I haven't made the first round of offers - but that doesn't preclude them making me an offer in the second or third round. If I don't get in, it's not the end of the world. There are so many different jobs I'd love to try! The hard part is narrowing it down.

The house is almost finished - we finally got a much-needed fridge and lawnmower, and now all we really need is a couple of bookshelves to handle the overflow of our respective book collections.

Thoughts go out to my Brissie friends in the middle of the floods. My parents and brother are all safe - they live up on the Sunshine Coast, and I'm pretty sure that's well out of it. But the ones I love in Bris... dude, I wish I was there with you guys! I've been fascinated by the '74 floods for a while, and it looks like this new lot'll give those a run for their money.

I'm procrastinating quite a lot on all the small things I have to get done. Must do something about that. Tomorrow.

I'll update whenever I can!

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