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Irons in the fire - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Irons in the fire
Quick word on my last entry: it wasn't a criticism of any particular career. The point I was trying to make was that you will always be happier doing something that is important to you - and what's important differs for everyone.

The past few days have turned up a few interesting developments:

- CINEMA JOB OPPORTUNITY: One of our new Tassie friends who works at the cinema let me know that they're hiring, and promised if I got my resume in on Sunday she'd bring it to her boss's attention on Monday. Specifically the cinema is hiring people to work in Gold Class, which requires the RSA certification, but I found a place where you can do it online (the proper certification, I double-checked that) immediately for $75, takes about four hours. So I updated my resume, wrote a covering letter, sent it all in and now my fingers are crossed - it'd be a great casual job to have for the remainder of the year, and particularly while I'm studying next year.

- ART JOB OPPORTUNITY: Nepotism is the order of the week; my mother (who heads up a new child protection program) told me that her boss wants her to hire a casual artist to work theraputically with the teenagers in the program, and he actually suggested that she hire me, citing that it's a "family-oriented" business. They have to finish setting up the safety aspects of the program over the next couple of weeks, so they don't have a definite date for me yet. I feel vaguely weird that this opportunity came from my mother, but on the other hand, nepotism is definied as "awarding a job on basis of relationship, WITHOUT regard to merit", and I think my work history makes me a good choice for that job regardless of mum's position in the company. (Or, you know, whatever. Mum got me a job, neener neener. 9_9 )

- FREELANCE: My brochure job for Shayna's company is just about done - I'm finishing up today. It would have been Friday but for the real estate promising to do an inspection "sometime between 9 and 5" and then forgetting entirely. When I called to remind them, they hurriedly turned up at 5:30. ANYWAY. I've got a logo job to go on to afterwards, from one of my favourite clients. I'm also under consideration for an illustration job that hammond told me about, but I'm not gambling on getting that one.

- SCHOLARSHIPS: My goodness, applying to uni is so much easier than it used to be. The UTAS website itself provided a massive list of scholarships and their requirements. All I had to do was check the boxes of the ones relevant to me and upload my CV, and now I'm under consideration for about seven different scholarships for next year, a couple of which cover all HECS fees. I don't have high hopes and I'm certainly not relying on any windfalls, but it's nice to be in the running.


I was going to head back up to QLD in September for the CYA Conference (writing for kids) but my second draft isn't far enough along to warrant the cost, I think, and I'd rather wait and go up in October. Celebrate Joey's birthday, catch up with friends, etc.

From September 8 - 19, I'll be away from home at the Vipassana Meditation Centre taking part in one of their ten-day meditation courses. It's pretty full-on, and I'm nervous. For ten days you stay on-site. The vast majority of your time is spent in guided meditation. You eat what they give you - simple vegetarian meals - and sleep where they put you. You are placed with members of your own sex only, and you are not permitted to speak or communicate with the other students in any way for most of the course. No sexual activity, which is going to be tricky (I'm assuming 'solo' is included in that). No phones, no wandering off-site, you're not even meant to take anything to write on.

The part of my mind that generates stories is screaming, "OH MY GOD, WHAT IF IT'S A CULT?!" I shall have to get Joe to check me for zombie-like behaviour afterwards. ;)

The idea is that you're spending ten days exploring your subconscious to great depth. It's not religious, just intense. I forsee myself struggling with boredom, loneliness, the inability to speak, the desire to write things down (for me, that IS meditation), and the no-sexual-activity rule. Ten days without an orgasm? Joe had better be well-rested when I get home.

I'm doing this because it's very different to anything I've ever done, and that alone is a good reason to do it. I'm also doing it because, who knows? I might find out something new about myself. And even if I don't, even if it turns out I just spend ten days bored and itching with impatience, at least this'll teach me some patience. At least it'll only be ten days out of my life. And hey, I like vegetarian food.

More detail here: http://dhamma.org.au/v/a/app?re=au&sc=tas&co=126&la=EN

The other issue I forsee is that phones are forbidden - I really hope I hear back about the cinema job before the start of the course, as I won't be able to receive / return calls during it. If I haven't heard back I'll alert my friend at the cinema before I go, so she can pass on my absence to her boss, and I'll leave my phone with Joe with instructions so he can field my calls.

So there you go, exciting times ahead! And I'll be sure to share it all with the four or so people who still read this journal. ;)
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alby_lion From: alby_lion Date: August 30th, 2010 05:39 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad to hear opportunities are cropping up!

Although I have to admit, ten days of P.O.W. no-talking and vegetarian diets, sleeping in a dorm with a dozen other snoring folks would have me more irate than I started. So kudos for doing that and pushing yourself!
rosequoll From: rosequoll Date: August 30th, 2010 08:38 am (UTC) (Link)
The mediatation course sounds awesome. I could deal with everything fairly well but might honestly struggle with two points:

No outside contact/talking (omg..me? not talk? 10 days? *freaksout*

Dorm sleeping. I don't do well sleeping in a group situation.

I really wish I could afford to do that though. The issue would simply be money, even if I could work my casual schedule around it'd only give me 6 days in a row off and I'd still lose a 'week' of workdays.
tania From: tania Date: August 31st, 2010 04:49 am (UTC) (Link)
I believe they run courses up in Brisbane too, and I think it could be really good for you. If you ever do find yourself in a place where you can spare those ten days, I hope you'll think about booking yourself in. The course itself costs nothing (they welcome donations within your means; I'm going to take along $50, which is about all I can spare right now).

I don't know if the sleeping is actually done in dorms - it'd make sense. At least it's women-only, which means the likelihood of rooming with a snorer is reduced. ;)

I would love to see you do something like this someday. I think learning to turn your gaze inwards and focus on what YOU think and feel rather than what others think/feel about you would do some amazing things for you.

I was sorry to hear about the car accident. CTP ought to cover the damage to the other guy - how bad is your vehicle? Can you commute to work using walking and PT if necessary?
hammond From: hammond Date: August 30th, 2010 12:33 pm (UTC) (Link)

My friend from work recently came back from a stint in a silent monastery in Nepal, she said that it was interesting how she didn't want to speak afterwards and only with reluctance that she resumed communicating.

I think that course you are talking about is something that i might like to try.

tania From: tania Date: August 31st, 2010 04:50 am (UTC) (Link)
I would love to see you do this. I think you'd get a lot out of it.

Pretty sure they run them in Brissie too; all the info is on the site. The course costs only what you can afford to donate.

As for the communication issue, I think being forced to shut up for 10 days will probably do me good. ;)

Miss you, gorgeous boy!
hammond From: hammond Date: August 31st, 2010 09:45 am (UTC) (Link)
If only I could get 10 days off work. Maybe next year...
6 have fought ~ fight the power!