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Oops, I still have a journal! My bad.

WORK: It's been in a lull since the end of my contract, and I'm blissing out on the time off. Getting a little writing done, a lot of fitness, and some socialising. Actually, the materials for my one current job just came through yesterday so I'm going to work on that this Friday.

In the meantime, it's been so relaxing being away from the proverbial drawing board that I'm contemplating taking a casual or part-time job beyond the business. I can easily fit freelance around a non-fulltime job, it'll give me some variety and a more steady income, and just open up my options a little more. Ten years of art/design experience is great, except when it's your only marketable skill. I'm thinking about going around the local libraries and trying to get another shelving job (that's what I did ten years ago as a uni student) but for memory library jobs are even more competitive now than they were back then - and back then I volunteered reading to the kids for a couple of months in order to secure that job. I dread to think what I'd have to do now. BJs for the library staff? Still, it's worth checking out, as Tassie seems substantially less competitive than Brisbane was.

Or maybe I could go into some other field. I've no retail, food service or cash-handling experience, so I doubt I'd have any luck with that sort of job - but that's probably for the best. God, imagine me dealing with customers. I'd have to find a good lawyer first, for the inevitable day when I spear-tackled some asshole through a window.

HEALTH: I've got a cold, my first of the year, but it's not bad.

As for diet/fitness, I've been keeping up with my weights, and table tennis, archery and walking. I'm really enjoying the archery. Thinking of taking it up as an ongoing thing, but it depends on how expensive it is. What I REALLY miss is Krav Maga, but Tony holds the lessons in New Norfolk and whilst I can take a bus out there three nights a week, there are no buses back to Hobart at night, and his car is running on chewing gum and rubber bands right now. So no Krav for me. I can't kill anyone with my thumb yet, I'm still at the much earlier "elbow" phase.

I'm also planning to take up Roller Derby, now that I know there's a group down here that does it. The Convict City Rollers. When they know the dates for the next Fresh Meat course, they're going to let me know. Skating was my one successful childhood sport and I'm keen to get it back in my life.

I appear to be losing weight, but I couldn't tell you how much, as the 9 volt battery in my electronic scales went flat and I haven't got around to getting a new one yet. I'm also gaining muscle, and have an extremely large, fancy, colourful bruise on my inner arm from string burn in archery. Totally worth it. I ran around proudly showing everyone for a week.

Went to the dentist recently for the first time in, er, a decade. The news wasn't great, but wasn't as bad as I thought either. I need four small fillings, which will be the first ones I've had as an adult, and the dentist wants to remove my wisdoms at long last, as they're really just sitting in there taking up space and being difficult to reach. Unfortunately the bottom wisdoms are pushed up against bone, which probably means surgical removal. Whatever happens, it's going to be a long, slow process as I can only do it bit by bit as the money becomes available. I wish Medicare covered dental!

SOCIAL: We've had a TON of visitors through here lately - there was rosequoll a while back, then Joey's sister Lucy, then Mum's partner Scott and his son Zane, then our friend Chloe and her boyfriend Carl, and now Ruby. Many various adventures were had with them all, including but not limited to:

- Carrying a large mounted picture of 1980's Patrick Swayze an hour up Mt Mawson and leaving it hanging on the wall in a public snow shelter up top.
- Checking out the ruins and restored historical convict prison buildings out at Port Arthur.
- Going to see the Gordon Dam, the highest arch dam in Australia, spitting off the side and timing it
- Stopping at a hippie blockade in part of the Tarkine reserve and having tea with the activists, followed by an amazing tour encompassing the ravaged post-logging land and the mossy, twisted virgin temperate rainforest the activists were fighting to save.
- Sneaking into part of the deserted insane asylum out in New Norfolk.
- Exploring the nearly two-hundred-year-old tunnel that runs under Hobart, encompassing the Hobart Rivulet from the base of Mt Wellington through to the river. Fascinating graffiti, plus the usual signs of the Cave Clan, plus some incredible art installations - flowers made of bent and twisted trash metals, sculptures, and pillars covered in hundreds of plaster doll faces - freaky! It's hard to believe so few people living here know or care about the Rivulet. I've never seen anything like it in my life, and I've been underground more than most.
- Going on a boat ride out to Tasman Island and seeing an abandoned lighthouse, seals, albatrosses, blowholes, sea caves and cliffs, and coming close to an extremely rare Southern Right Whale who seemed as fascinated by us as we were by it.

So I've been busy - but not with anything particularly productive, which always leaves me feeling a bit guilty. Also, it occurs to me that this entry would be much, much better with photos. So here's my promise: next entry I'll add visuals to all the stuff I just described.
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