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Chickens! - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Joey and I are having a marathon of 'The Mentalist' season two, we've got a nice little fire going, and I'm kickin' back with my laptop on the couch - so in the spirit of keeping this thing updated, it's time for a bit of LJ blabber!

Today we saw mum off at the airport - she's heading back up north for three weeks to collect the remainder of her stuff, buy a zippy little car, tie up a few loose ends, and then she's coming back down via road and ferry. I'll be with her for that bit, but more on that in a sec.

Living with mum is working out better than we'd imagined possible. We all get along great. Well, not so much the cats and dogs, but even they tolerate each other. In fact the dogs want to befriend the cats... however, as their overtures of friendship come in the form of a nose to the butt, the cats aren't exactly responding with open paws. More open claws, really. Still, Nami will chill on the couch while the dogs lounge at her feet (as befits their station, in her view), and even Jangles is willing to be in the same room provided he's out of doggy reach.

Mum is way impressed with the Roomba and all the work it saves us. Also, she loves doing the dishes - it's her favourite chore and my least favourite, so she voluntarily does them every morning and it totally blows my mind. Go mum! Now I have someone to go to the Salamanca Markets with (Joey hates the crowds). She's also good for a cuppa and a chat when I take breaks throughout the day.

Speaking of work, my office is FINALLY FINALLY ready! I'm inspecting it and signing the contract on Friday. However, I won't be taking possession until mid-June, as I'm travelling up to Sydney for a week at the start of June to work in-house with my employer there, then travelling on to the Sunshine Coast to spend a few days with dad over his birthday, and then meeting up with mum to partake in roadtrip goodness. Gotta get an internet connection organised for the office. Given how pricey the installation for our home connection was, I'm hoping I can get a good, simple, small deal elsewhere - I can't see myself needing more than 10gigs per month for work purposes. Even the final art files I FTP for my primary client are tiny, as I do all the work in Illustrator.

Regarding laptop, I've decided on the Dell, as the only Mac I can afford right now is only as powerful as my 1997 desktop (dual core). Finding the coin to buy it before I head to Sydney is going to be problematic, though; my next payday is only a few days before I leave, and though I could easily repay a loan in a single blow, nobody will give a loan to someone who is self-employed, even if I have contracts and bank statements which show I earn four times the loan amount in a single month. 9_9 Advice here appreciated; I have only two weeks to come up with something.

In other news, I put down a deposit for the cat run, which will hopefully be ready before I have to leave for the trip, and we bought a giant beanbag in the shape of the Earth. It's Earth-by-night, complete with city lights which glow in the dark. And it is AWESOME.

What else... I took a day-long writing class on Sunday, specifically on characterisation. The lecturer was great, and though I knew a lot of the material she covered - especially the Chris Vogler 'Heroes Journey' stuff toward the end of the day - the practical exercises were illuminating and my classmates were really nice. It served as a reminder that I should really join the Tasmanian Writers' Centre, which is apparently running some great programs, many of which I've missed the start of because I was too bloody dull to think to register at the start of the year! Curses. Anyway, they're located in the Salamanca Arts Centre and their website is fab. The level of activity in the creative community down here compared to the yawning desert that was Brisbane never ceases to amaze me.

In other news, rosequoll is visiting very soon. Hooray Rose!

The header of this entry simply refers to the fact that, once the cat run is sorted, Joey says he's perfectly happy for me to get some chickens. This is kind of a long-running dream of mine, as fat birds in general are one of my favourite things, and fat birds that deposit delicious foods from their bottoms are better still. There's some affordable self-assembly chicken runs on Ebay these days. Chickens are available all over the place down here. So all that remains is for me to decide what kind of chickens I want! As always, your thoughts are very welcome!
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stonelizard From: stonelizard Date: May 17th, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ah another fellow chicken lover. I agree completly, there is something about fat chickens that just hits a soft spot. I have been promised chickens once we have our own house and if it is convenient.

Glad you enjoyed the writing class... How is the book going?
c_eagle From: c_eagle Date: May 18th, 2010 08:08 am (UTC) (Link)

from their bottoms

Have a great time with the chickens!

...re: Macs, the only affordable one I can think of (for what it does) right now is the Mini Mac. Another friend swandog loves hers!
2 have fought ~ fight the power!