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Freelanceapalooza, the ISS + Space Shuttle, and other happy things - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Freelanceapalooza, the ISS + Space Shuttle, and other happy things
In a distinct turnaround since my last post, I've been inundated with freelance work. Logos, illustrations for a lifesize customisable cardboard cutout, layout and cartoon illustrations for an ESL textbook, and a design for a t-shirt and dice bag. (I've still got a couple of mates rates jobs I need to sink my teeth into as well, but the deal with mates rates is those jobs go last.) My attitude about this work has done a complete 180 degree turn since the slow start in January. My clients are great, the work comes out well and I'm getting fantastic reviews. And the pay is excellent. In the last two weeks I've paid off my debts, sunk some of the profits back into the business (extended paid accounts at the freelancing sites, a much-needed new ink cartridge) and rewarded myself with some awesome swag: the slipcased hardcover complete collections of Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, and Dilbert; a couple of writing books; and a secondhand inflatable kayak.

The inflatable kayak is better than I expected - I was able to build up surprising speed on the Derwent River! It's great fun too, I'm going to go again this weekend. Eventually I'd like to buy one of those largish hiking backpacks so I can transport the kayak and pump inside it on foot. Then I'll be able to walk the 3k down to the river, inflate the kayak, paddle 3k back downstream, deflate it and walk ~1k home, mostly uphill, from the second boat ramp. This'll give me a nice combo of exercises: walking with weight for my legs, pumping up the boat for my core and back, padding for my arms and core, and more walking to warm down. Enough variety to keep things interesting, and I get to cool off on the river after the hot initial walk.

Excitingly, I got a call out of the blue yesterday - a Sydney games company seeking me out for a large freelance job, to start around the end of this month and finish sometime in June. If they like my work on that job they're keen to take me on full-time. They asked me to move to Sydney. I said no - I love living here. We talked further and they'll consider hiring me full-time offsite. If this happens, it'll be a dream come true. I love the ethos of this company. I love their products. I'll be able to work from home, for a steady income, spending 100% of my work time creating illustrations for games. Not pokies (slot machines) like my last game job, but actual for-fun games on the web. Their games distribution site is here: http://www.fizzy.com/

Cross your fingers for me. If I do well on the freelance and this comes about, I would love to try to negotiate a not-quite-full-time load from them. My ideal vision of my working future (hope hope hope!) is a set load of three or four days per week. If I get four I'll use the remaining day to write; if I get three I'll use one to write and one for other freelance projects to bring in a bit of extra income. But that's enough chicken-counting for now; these eggs ain't hatched yet.

As it is, I'm trying to take off every Wednesday from here on in to devote to writing. I started with today. Caught the bus into Hobart with Joey (he goes to TAFE four days per week) and while he was off doing TAFEy things I settled myself into a fantastic coffee shop Hammond recommended and just about completed my feedback on Mark's novel. Onto the last chapter now, will be finished by tonight. Once that's done I'll be free to work on my own second draft. I'm itching to get started!

Man, what else. I got a pair of cargo pants today, short-leg. First pair of pants I've bought in YEARS that doesn't need to be hemmed up. Hoorah! It doesn't get much better than that!

My mum is considering moving to Tassie. I hope she does, she'd like it down here, and it'd be nice to have family nearby. Our friend Rose is also considering moving at some point, and I hope she does too, as she'd just LOVE it down here. That reminds me, I got to play with a baby bluetongue lizard at the Oast House the other day and it was Good Times. So freaking cute! He liked to crawl up to my neck and lick me with his blue tongue. Every time he stuck it out near my ear it sounded like a tiny camera click.

Joe and I don't think much of Valentine's Day as a holiday, but as it happened, the International Space Station was due to fly over on the night of the 14th so we decided to make a date of it. Lying on a blanket by the river at half past nine that night, we saw the ISS pass over, dazzlingly bright. Breathtaking. It took me a day to figure out just why it was so ridiculously bright compared to the last flyover we saw: this time, we spotted it when it was coupled to the Space Shuttle.

As our friend Richard observed, you don't get much more romance than two machines copulating in space.
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jesskat From: jesskat Date: February 17th, 2010 01:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Good luck with the freelancing! I hope it all works out for you.:)
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