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What can I say? Life is awesome. I haven't abandoned LJ, not at all - my goodness, after the victory of FINALLY getting my OWN NAME here, why would I ever do that? Nope, you're stuck with me for at least another five or six decades, guys.

I just can't update much because the place where I get my regular internet access has cookies disabled (at HQ, not on individual machines, so I can't get around it) so no LJ, Facebook et al for me. I may have said this last entry, it's been so long since I updated I'm not sure. Anyway, Richard's shown me how to pinch and use his modem for the times I really need it (to be fair, that'll mostly be for NEIS and freelancing stuff) so I might be able to update a wee bit more often from now on. Today I paid for my internet access with a greasy McDonalds breakfast. :P


Here's what's going on for me.

I'm going through the NEIS training without much struggle. The training basically amounts to writing a killer business plan. This isn't the first I've written, and running Interrobang taught me a lot about what (and what NOT) to do. So that's all coming out smoothly.

I'm still writing all the time. The novel is now up to 46,000 words and the end is not yet nigh. In fact I'm only halfway through. It's going to be a whopper.

I started a small writing group (small as in three people, total) with Joey and Mark. Fortnightly meetings in a coffee shop, read and critique, the usual stuff. It's brilliant fun and extra good because we're all honest, critical people yet we all know one another well enough that nothing is ever taken the wrong way. There aren't any towering egos in the group, which is brilliant. If anything, Mark and I in particular (we're working on novels, Joe is working on articles to submit to Cracked.com) are desperate for really harsh, critical feedback.

I'm doing the odd freelance job, but not taking a full-on workflow until November, when I officially start my freelancing business. I'm also doing some freebie jobs for a small local charity / political group. When the business kicks in, I've raised my hourly rate from what it was last time I did this (2006) because by constantly undercutting myself, I was getting some pretty douchey clients. I've no illusions, by the way. I know I'll get douchey clients anyway. Once that was enough to drive me away from freelancing, but when you wind up under a boss who frustrates you on a daily basis as much as one or two clients did a handful of times over six months, you re-evaluate your attitude to freelancing. Additionally, this allows me time to write that my full-time job didn't.

What else. Hrmm. We're looking for a ute or van around the three grand mark (preferably less). Doesn't have to be good or pretty, just has to survive a trip to Tassie. The rental charges to take a car-and-trailer or a truck that distance (it's a four-day journey) are so high it'll ultimately be more beneficial for us just to buy the bloody vehicle. At least that way we'll have something to show for it afterwards. If anyone in or around Brissie knows of something going, please let me know!

I want a bicycle, but am holding off 'til Tassie. One less thing to take down. Speaking of which, I've made a start on clearing out the crap in the garag... without any sort of vehicle, this is a tough proposition. I'm doing it bit by bit, by utilising what space is left in our wheelie bins the night before trash collection each week. Slow going indeed. I could really use that van...

I'm switching to an iPhone on a plan on Monday. It'll be the first plan I've been on since Telstra anally raped me back in 2001. It WON'T be with Telstra. I realised the other day I'm spending about $60 per month on prepaid credit, and that I could get an iPhone for less.

The two online writing courses I've been doing are almost through. They both gave me a lot of confidence.

My lovely little nephew Kyson turned one a couple of weeks ago. Joey and I went up the coast for the birthday bash. It was our first exposure to a birthday party for one-year-olds. We are afraid. Very afraid. Also I may never be able to eat cake again. "Mashed all over a small child's face" is not the most appealing presentation of that particular dish. :(

What else. Went through Indian cooking spree. Considering sushi next (we've home-made it before, badly). Got kicked out of one writer-unfriendly cafe a couple weeks ago. Developing strange loyalty to Coffee Clubs, which welcome me with open arms.

Joey isn't updating his own journal much either, so I'll chime in for him here and say he's good too, we're taking lots of spirit walks and he's almost through his TAFE course, and he's writing some funny stuff which I hope to see up on Cracked sometime soon.

Love to all, until next time I steal Richard's modem or choke down a hash brown.
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