Tangles (tania) wrote,

Early mark

I negotiated an 'early mark' with my employers. They were keeping me on for the contractual six weeks notice period, but they had nothing for me to do and I had no reason to want to stay that amount of time - so I requested a renegotiation so I could leave earlier, and what do you know, they've OK'd it. So I might be out as early as this Friday. That's excellent news, because I've got some freelance to do.

Still considering my options too. I adore Damo and he's uber-talented, but I'm not 100% sure about us going into business because of the Tasmania thing - it's not going to be impossible for us to work together purely online, but it's going to be challenging. I could always stay here but I'm really over Brisbane, I'm just acheing for that move. Should he and I decide not to pair up in our ventures, I'll still freelance as originally planned, but focus more of my time on writing too. Essentially, I just don't want to pull him into something that is going to make his freelancing life harder rather than easier; the boy is Going Places and I don't want to hold him back.

I'm anxious to be shot of this job, because I definitely need time to think all this through. Actually, once I've registered at Centerlink, I want to zip up to mum's place and spend a quiet week there taking a break and putting some serious thinking time into what to do next.

In the meantime, I must ring and harass my mortgage broker. It's one of those weeks where I'm trying to get things done and nobody is replying to my emails or calls.

Tonight I'm going with Rosa and the girls from work to a council-run Self Defence for Women class. I would be looking forward to it a lot more if a day of trotting around Southbank on heels hadn't screwed my knee all over again. Damn you, body! What are you THINKING?
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