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Weather Fear Phenomenon

Am I the only person who has noticed the following?

After seeing "The Day After Tomorrow" at the movies, Rob and I stepped outside. "Is it just me, or is it suddenly really cold?" he commented. It was. We both kinda exchanged nervous grins and giggled about it for a while. I made a crack about "TDAT" doing for weather what a certain Spielberg film did for sharks.

And then I started noticing the same phenomenon cropping up in other people's LJs. cleolinda and kkitty23 both commented on being 'chilled' by creepy weather shortly after seeing the movie. There's been one or two others on my friendslist who've said the same thing, and someone on the radio made a crack about it the other day too.

*grins* We're seeing the beginnings of a new kind of mass hysteria. Look out! The sky is falling!
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