Tangles (tania) wrote,

Still kickin'

I think I use variations on "I'm still here!" for my title way too often lately.

Anyway, I'm still here! Feeling a bit better compared to the previous entry, and prepared to stick it out at work longer. No, I feel no attachment to the work, but I haven't for a long time... I think the real problem was that I lost my mojo for working on creative projects outside of work, and that always gets me down after a while. I've got it back now.

What else have I been up to...

Viewed another van on the weekend. T'was crap - great engine but a body full of rust. No-go. The original van was NOT sold when the owners said it was; Joe and I suspect they were trying to bait us into offering the price they wanted. We've re-offered the same price we offered back then, but I'm pretty sure the owners don't want to go that low. It's $500 less than what they counter-offered us. I was sure to leave the offer open... they've had virtually no other interest in two months (few people buying vans and planning travel in the current economic climate, and their price is set too high) so I'm hoping they get desperate and reconsider.

In the meantime, we're on the lookout for other possibilities, but it looks bleak. Still, no rush. I sorted out the Melbourne / Tasmania trip - bought plane tickets to and from Melbs. It added another $300+ to the holiday but it's totally worth it, if I don't get some time away from work I'm a-gonna bust out the murderous rampage. :D My leave's been approved too!

In sadder news, the lump on my leg has made a return. Made a doc's appointment for tomorrow after work to get onto some more hardcore antibiotics. Must stock up on natural yogurt. :(

Joe and I have been playing with a program that enables non-3D-trained people to manipulate a bunch of settings on 3D heads to create pretty much any face. It has a couple of limitations, but many great features (including Joe's favourite: the ability to scan in front and profile photos of people for auto-conversion to 3D). I spent Sunday chilling out on the couch with Joey watching 'Green Wing' and creating models of the characters from my book.

Saw 'Star Trek' with work buddies and Susie and Jason on Thursday. Was awesome, better than I expected! I don't want to be one of those 'ohmigod Spock is HOT!' fangirls because that's just embarrassing, but... let's face it... Spock is hot! Great casting aaaalll over that movie. Followed this with 'Wolverine' (again with coworkers) on Friday night, and I gotta say, I wish I'd done it in the reverse order, because after Star Trek, Wolverine was a bit ordinary. Still, can't say no to naked Huge Jackman gallavanting about the countryside.

Also, to get to Southbank where we were seeing Trek, I walked from Taringa with Mark and Joey. We would have made it in under an hour, but we stopped to watch an ibis swim in from the middle of the river. Ibis are not swimming birds. When it finally made it to shore we realised one of its wings was badly broken. I called Pelican Rescue but the woman on the phone didn't seem to understand our directions too well (she called back for clarification and Joe really spelled it out to her). After the movie I turned my phone back on and found, to my dismay, a message from her saying she'd got totally lost, a couple of hours before, and never did find the ibis... primarily because she'd ended up on the WRONG BANK OF THE RIVER. So yeah... I expect by then the ibis had succumbed to shock, cold or a predator. It was a sucky end to the tale.

Today at work I had a bluescreen of death that killed half an hour of work I didn't enjoy the FIRST time 'round, and I was all 'argh', but Joe chose that moment to text-invite me to dinner in the City tonight, and then called up just a couple of minutes later just to tell me he loves me.

So in the face of that, it was hard to stay 'aargh', and then my workmates got their skintight lycra superhero costumes in the mail, and of course had to put them on, transforming into an 'Emo Spider-Man', 'The Flash' and 'Captain Asia' (which is the Captain American costume worn by a muscular Asian animator), after which we got carried away and pulled a costumed prank downstairs, forgetting beforehand that there are only two people down there with an actual sense of humor. Heh heh heh. It was totally worth it though.

Me, I'm on the lookout for a Wonder Woman costume, but if I can't find one I'm going to the same supplier my workmates used (it's a Zentai suits mob trading through Ebay - longtime readers may remember the epic "Worst of Zentai" LJ post I made the first time I found their wares) and pick up either a Rogue or a Fantastic Four suit. I'm not that keen on Fantastic Four but I do like the costumes.

Holy shit! It's 4pm! I can leave! Hahaha, so long jerks! That's all you get out of me for today!
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