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Hooray! - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Hammond's "Birthmas" present ordered. Birthday party tonight... with FONDUE.

Joe often inadvertently brings home bugs with him... in his hair, his clothes, his bag (the latter is usually deliberate, come to think of it)... anyway, a couple of weeks ago, we were lying in bed when Joe froze and said: "There's something crawling up my leg."

With some trepidation, we peeled back the covers, ready to leap onto the ceiling fan if need be (and if you've seen the size of some of the spiders we get here, you'll know why that might be a need). But it wasn't a spider. Nor a bug, cockroach, stray hermit crab or anything else Joe might have carted home.

No, it was a teeny tiny baby gecko. AAAWWWWWW. We let him out the window.

Speaking of creepy-crawly incidents, Joe came home with a good one (story, not bug) the other day. One of the sheds at his work is devoted to hermit crabs, which are kept in a series of large, high-sided plastic tubs. Crabs are excellent climbers, but they can't climb plastic, so lids are unnecessary.

Also at his work are silkworms, which feed on mulberry leaves.

These dispirate elements combined to create hilarity when someone foolishly left a mulberry branch leaning on one of the hermit crab tubs. Leaning on, and trailing IN. It was left there for a day. Within that day, a thousand cheering hermit crabs clambered to freedom before the stray branch was discovered.

Now whenever anyone walks into the hermit crab shed, half a dozen crabs who've been chilling out on the concrete floor go "Buh!" and skitter back off into the darkness to hide with their free bretheren.

In other news, my first pole dancing class went well. It's nowhere near as hard as the pump classes! Memorising the sequence of moves is going to be the hardest part; I've a shocking memory. I've been using Brain Training on the DS to try to improve it, and am noticing definite improvement on the word memory test. Anyway, back to pole dancing: There are thirty distinct steps in the FIRST PART of the routine we're learning - the second part, to be learned next week, begins to take us into the territory of more difficult moves, the type where you're hanging sideways on the pole in positions that do not seem physically possible. In order to help us remember the move sequence so far, Katie and I stayed back half an hour to write them down step-by-step, complete with beat counts, so that we can practice at home.

Despite how much I'm looking forward to Hammy's party tonight, I'm also a little sad that I can't attend tonight's pump class! I'm sort of still considering joining the gym under work if money allows, so I can at least do some weights and cardio on nights I can't make it into the City. I'm starting to notice more muscle in my flabby arms already, which is very encouraging. Hammond has positive things to say about this chain of gyms. They've even got TVs in the treadmills, which I appreciate because my main problem with repetitive exercise is boredom. That's why the pole pump and pole dancing classes are so enjoyable. They're not too repetitious, they're creative, fun and challenging.

Also, I should start eating better. Consistently. I'm a bit on-and-off at the moment.

Joe bought himself a pair of German dust goggles, I must remember to try those on with my Sherlock hat.

Am using My French Coach on the DS daily. Hoping that there are more modules to unlock, because so far it seems to be targeting written French only, and single words rather than syntax. I want to learn spoken as well as written (would think the DS is perfect for that, as it can read words out to you for pronunciation purposes) and learn how to link them together... having a big vocabulary is useless if you don't know how to use it. Really keen to bust out the German program I put on there too, but I'm thinking trying to learn two languages at once might just confuse the matter? Or will it make things easier?

Coworkers and I are going to eat dinner at Ahmet's Turkish restaurant at South Bank tomorrow night, and watch the bellydancers there, then go to Sexpo. Heehee.
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From: haakonspet Date: March 5th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC) (Link)
German and French have a great dissimilarity in syntax, grammar and words that you shouldn't get them too confused (compared to doing say French and Spanish or Portuguese and Spanish at the same time). You also have a leg up with German because there are a lot of similar words in English.

I personally wouldn't consider it a bad thing to be doing both at the same time.
tania From: tania Date: March 5th, 2009 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm going to try and get a good grip on French too. When I feel comfortable with the language and I'm just improving my vocab, I might start German. I've got software and my German-speaking mother for when that day comes! :)
2 have fought ~ fight the power!