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Life = yay - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Life = yay
Pole pump was fabulous last night. I was there on my own so I got to talking, and made a new friend called Valerie, who hopefully wasn't put off by the torture that is a first-timer's pole pump class.

I'm still not entirely over the cold, and I was trembling by the end of the workout, but SO worth it! I treated myself to a fat-free sugar-free frozen yoghurt with blackberry and kiwi fruit mix-ins... yum!

Today for our Character of the Week contest at work, we photographed each other, drew our names out of a hat, and each of us retooled the hairstyle of another. I got Aaron from downstairs and gave him crazy dredlocks. And makeup. JB got me, and gave me the "Nick Nolte mugshot" look. :D Katie's was the best this week, IMO - she got Rosa, and turned her into a mullet-sporting bogan.

And now we're all trooping off to Mark and Rosa's place to watch some Eddie Izzard. Tomorrow, the Crazy Weird Old Furniture Store at the Gabba with hammond, and on Sunday Joe and I are going to a speculative fiction writing workshop. Also we have enough spaghetti bolegnaise in the fridge to feed a small army and I have to buy some freezer bags, both for our own use and to replace the one I "borrowed" from Richard. ^_^

Life is good! <3
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