Tangles (tania) wrote,

And now to our regularly scheduled weekend report...

This weekend was full-on.

Friday night we were meant to go to Game On with Mark, Rosa, JB, JB's friend Adam, Hammond, and Hammond's Adam, as well as a couple of Hammond's friends. Sadly, it sold out of tickets just before we got there - Hammond and co were fine because they'd pre-bought, so they went on to check it out (and later reported that it was "good, but not worth the entry price...") so no harm done there. The rest of us went on to get dinner and see a movie at Southbank - Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise (I know, I know... there was nothing else on!). It was actually pretty good, aside from the strange mishmash of accents.

Afterwards, Joe and I split to go catch up with greg_merlo, freetuningfork and various associates at the Belgian Beer Garden, which was great fun! I had some really interesting conversations that night, and an amazing passionfruit-flavoured beer (the first beer in my life I've ever really ENJOYED), and managed to fall flat on my face in front of a whole bunch of strangers, which I would explain away to tipsiness except I did it before I had a single drink. Sigh. We caught a lift home with Erinn and Ro, and hope to catch up with them again soon because they are awesomesauce and we never see them enough.

On Saturday we took the car to Joe's favourite mechanic, who looked it over and diagnosed it for free (I can see why he's Joe's favourite). The upshot is that repairs would cost more than it's worth. It is dying; we're going to drive it as long as we can, saving our pennies all the while, and when it dies we'll sell it for scraps and use that money and our savings to buy a secondhand van or station wagon, something we can toss a mattress into so we can go on impromptu road trips and know that we've always got somewhere free to sleep. We're going to be looking in the vicinity of $1500 - $2000 for a vehicle; hopefully we can find something mechanically sound in that price range.

Then we went to an amazing Lifeline store and I bought a little portable stairclimber machine for home excercise (it terrifies Jangles beyond all reason) and a retarded glass squirrel for my increasingly eclectic collection of desk toys at work. After that we went to the Mt Gravatt shopping centre and caught up with Joe's friend Michelle and a mate of hers, and Michelle's friend went to have a photo taken of his aura, which... well, it was pretty, I guess? To each their own!

After THAT we went to catch up with Chloe, who is back in Australia after a stint in London, and just hung out at her place and chatted.

Saturday night I wound up with a whopper of a headache - worst I've had in years, fireworks-in-the-skull type - and Joe dosed me up on painkillers, and I recovered nicely in time for pizza and Rambo (but fell asleep on the couch before the end of the movie).

Sunday we slept in, then goofed around on the DS and laptop respectively in bed for hours, and then got up to hurriedly pull the house into order for our guests at midday - Hammond, Greg, Elizabeth, Rosa and Mark. We had bought a whole bunch of sour, bitter, and downright weird foods which I chopped and put on plates as Miracle Berry experiments (exberryments?). The miracle berries were an interesting experience - not as powerful as I'd hoped (Joe says the fresh berries are far stronger) but with a noticeable effect. Lemon was my favourite, becoming absolutely delicious and extremely edible under the influence of the miracle fruit. Grapefruit juice tasted a bit like strange orange juice. Sour warhead lollies lost their potency. Cherry tomatoes were sugary. Rosa had a glass of tap water and claimed it was sweet and delicious. The most interesting part of the experiment was how differently each of us reacted to various tastes.

After that we played some Wii, starting on Boom Blox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boom_Blox) which is a fantastic game that Greg bought over. Elizabeth was friggin' FRIGHTENING at this thing, I've never seen anyone whip a wiimote around with such steely-eyed accuracy! It was great fun, and Joe and I want to pick up a copy for ourselves.

Greg and Elizabeth had to leave shortly after that, so the rest of us settled in for a stint of Mario Kart (I came 7th in one race - personal best! I'm shockingly bad at Mario Kart) and Smash Brothers Brawl. Good times were had. Everyone headed home around nightfall and Joe and I kicked back and watched Vertigo, which was... disturbing.

Man, I did NOT feel like going to work this morning, I'll tell ya. Still, it's been a chilled day so far. After lunch I have to give the hermit crab tank a quick tidy-up, as over the weekend, The Fonz absolutely trashed the place. I mean, the normal crabs trash it sometimes but they got NOTHING on this tank of a crab. He left it cratered, every spare shell, food bowl and water bowls filled with sand and/or overturned, and two of the smaller crabs entirely buried - though I'm sure that was their choice, and if they're buring themselves for a moult, I'm very excited for them. Moulting crabs are happy crabs! Anyway, big tank cleanup after lunch. We've got our handymen here at work designing a second level for the crabitat. [/crab addict]

Also, Mark and Rosa are lending me Zelda for the DS, which should keep me from obsessing over Animal Crossing for a while (I've caught and museum-i-fied almost every type of fish there is! Including the golden Dorado! And my house has three rooms + attic now! And my Nooks is upgrading into the ultimate form, Nookingtons, today! And I used a 5x points special at Nooks to get myself aaaalmost to Gold membership! And... and... I need to get away from this game, augh.)
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