Tangles (tania) wrote,

The Tuesday that wouldn't Die

For a while this year, Tuesday night gatherings died out - in part, I think, because we live further away so it's harder to get anywhere, and in part because there is a person involved who refuses to be in the same room as Joe and I, which makes get-togethers difficult to schedule. It's also been a busy year for all, with Joe and I both working full-time hours, and Hammond and Adders seeing a major ramp-up of their uni workloads.

Yet somehow, over the past few weeks, Joey and I have found ourselves out having dinner with various people every Tuesday night. So the Tuesdays are proving impossible to kill; they've just taken on a new form. One-on-one meals, usually at the Three Monkeys, often followed by walking along the river and/or lounging about on one of the piers. The focus has shifted from entertainment to good conversation and just Being With People. I really like it, so I'm actively seeking out at least one weeknight out with friends each week. This week we're seeing Greg and Elizabeth, last week it was Rose and Kelvin, and next week it's looking like the lovely Amanda shall be sipping delicious 3 Monkeys beverages with us. :3 I'm really liking the small groups / couples / one-on-one thing.

Also, for anyone who follows woot.com, there is a woot-off happening today. It's cycled through four products since I started watching, all of them fairly cool, but nothing that grabs me yet. It's fun just watching what they throw up there next though. :)
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