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These 'awesome weekend' posts are becoming par for the course - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
These 'awesome weekend' posts are becoming par for the course
My PMS has passed and I've bounced back like whoa, so the following entry will be disgustingly cheerful. On the weekend we:

- Went to the Science Centre with Rosa, Mark and JB and had all manner of silly adventures, documented on Joey's camera and probably soon to make an appearence on Facebook's photo gallery. I also saw bush stone curlews in the garden on the way past the Lego Shop at Southbank (where Joe and I stopped to explore), which pretty much made my day. I go apeshit with delight whenever I see those demented birds.

- Went to the Picasso exhibit with Rosa, Mark, JB, some friends of theirs, Viv, and a friend of hers... ultimately a MASSIVE group that scattered about, examing the art with excitement. Being there with them added so much to the experience. :) Also, work is reimbursing us for BOTH of the above excursions (on an artistic research basis), so that's just downright awesome.

- Joe bought me a gorgeous handmade iron skeleton key that is currently decorating my work desk - alongside the mini-slinky and mini-rubiks-cube I picked up at ScienceCentre to add some 80's pizazz to my work environment.

- I went to Damo's place overnight on Saturday (Joey had a late gig so he couldn't come) and met his cousin Christian, and we chatted, played Wii, sketched and all the usual funtimes. Damo was shocked at how good I'm getting in Brawl, I actually kicked his butt a few times! I'm now favouring Meta Knight over Pikachu and have a reputation for fighting with the small, fast, irritating characters (which is very appropriate if you ask me!)

- On Sunday morning Damo and I made homemade meringues! We made three batches: green, pink and yellow. We undercooked the first and overcooked the last, but the middle batch was delicious.

- Damo's sister's little four-year-old boy, Elijah, has a crush on me. We first twigged to this when he gave me his jam toast. Kid NEVER gives away food. Apparently he thinks I'm pretty. Damo thinks it's my red hair and boobies, I think it's because I do a killer T-Rex impersonation, which is the only sure way to win over a four-year-old boy. :3 Watching Lije be all bashful around me was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

- Sunday daytime Damo took me back to Brissie, we scooped up Joe and went to check out Damo's place in Arana Hills. It's an awesome little house and is likely to become host to many future 'Wiikends'.

- We headed back home pretty buggered from the weekend's adventures and the boys and I played Wii 'til that evening when Damo had to head home, then Joe and I watched Run Fatboy Run, then we went on a mini spirit-walk down the nature strip that runs through Kenmore. It was gorgeous - brightly lit by a full moon and full of interesting shadows and rustlings.

Other assorted happenings:

The cats have been successfully pewping outside now since Wednesday, barring one or two small accidents. This is lovely! No more cat litter! In other great home news, Richard painted the study on the weekend, which is utterly glorious, as now we can finally set up our desks and computers and books, and spread out a bit. I feel guilty now as he also manages to make time to write magnetic poetry on the fridge, a front on which I've been very slack lately. My poet-fu is failing. :( (Some would say, and rightly so, that I never had any poet-fu to begin with.)

I have a freelance job that I've GOT to get finished, and it's been difficult to work on it at home because of our setup - no desk to rest the tablet on - but all that can change now. No more freelance work after this one, not while I'm in fulltime employment. I want all my spare time to go towards writing (and resting) from here on in. Life is full enough!

Damo is pretty determined to get a job with SGRT, and as they've said they'll be hiring another static artist in two months time, I reckon he's got a very good chance.

My Jenolan holiday is in one week's time. SO SOON!!

I start my new Pill tomorrow. My PMS from this round of hormonone-boxing is fading, along with the monthly girly bloating (though for some reason my boobs remain enormous, garnering comment from many quarters - happiness!) and I'm dressed all hippie today in a big skirt and floppy boots. Life is good. :)
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