Tangles (tania) wrote,

Ultimate weekend

So I spent the entire weekend in the company of Joey, Hammond and Damien playing Smash Brawl on the Wii (I play the small, irritating characters like Pikachu and Chibi Link) which I'm surprisingly not bad at, unlike that bloody Mario racing game, my abilities at which can only be described as heinously awful.

Spending the weekend in the company of two charming gay men led to lots of delicious cooking, and ultimately, Joe and I swapping hairdos: Joe's hair is now straight, mine is wildly curly. The curls were supposed to drop out by the end of the day but much to everyone's surprise they remained. I slept on them, brushed my hair this morning and it is STILL curly. So that's fun and new. Joe loves it and says I look like a 1940's gal. We have photos, nothing online yet though.

Joe, with straight hair, looks like... Greg. Hee.

Damien is an amazing ball of energy. By the end of the weekend he was insisting I apply to Pixar with him so we could all move to LA, and Joe could get a job doing something, and Hammond could be a radiation therapist in LA too, and... the frightening part is at the end of a mere two days he'd just about convinced us all to do it. 9_9 That boy has magical powers, I swear.

Anyway, as 95% of you don't know half the people I'm talking about, I'll move onto a more generic piece of news, which is this: John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood, has entered the fray of casting possibilities for CAPTAIN AMERICA.

I couldn't have cared less about Captain America 'til I heard the news from my workmates this morning (none of whom have been exposed to the mightiness of Doctor Who yet) and totally lost my shit in front of them. I was like "YES!! AWESOME!! WOOO!!" and they were all "..."

I still have the flu and am currently pretty busy. Back to it!
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