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Family stuff - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Family stuff
On Sunday Joe and I went to visit his parents at the farm. I've said this before but here it is again: his parents are pure awesome. When I got there his mum, Margaret, grabbed me and ushered me out to the veggie patch where she was midway through construction of a scarecrow which she was planning to put on a random chair that had been left beside a nearby major road. The point of the excercise was pretty much just to mess with people's heads. I helped her finish up and we tossed the scarecrow in the boot, went to a council quarry, (unrelatedly) pinched some gravel for her garden, and upon discovering that the chair that had inspired the escapade was gone, tied the scarecrow to a tree facing the road.

While we were gone, Joe and his dad worked on his broken car and my broken TV Of Giganticness. The car is fixed and running but the aircon system needs to be re-pressurised before we can drive it far, so it's on the farm 'til Friday now. The TV still needs the power cord replaced but as it turns out there's a cracked... something (transistor? Something else I think) inside it which'll cost about $150 to replace, which isn't a big deal considering how little I paid for all that AV gear in the first place. But it DOES mean the Doctor Who marathon that scoutlostthewar and others are waiting on will be delayed for another two weeks until we get the TV back here, get the repairs done, and find a couple of strapping lads to help us move the TV cabinet from the garage to the living room.

We caught the train back and had a nice meal out at Southbank with my Dad, Jeanne, Chris and Jess. Many baby jokes were made. The convenient football-shaped nature of babies was an advantage; also, Dad decided that when Chris was born they'd accidentally thrown away the baby and kept the placenta, which grew up into the being I know as my brother.

Dad was unflustered by my tattoo, which is great because I thought if either of my parents would take it badly, it'd be him. But I guess since my younger brother and his girl got 'up the duff', comparitively I can do no wrong. Woohoo! License to MISbehave! ;)

When we got home on Sunday night, Richard and his dad had just about finished the cat run - it's awaiting netting to be strung on top to make the ceiling. With Rick's permission, I want to buy some sort of sand or dry material to rake into the garden bed to turn it into a viable outdoor toilet for the kitties. Might research plants that can survive in an environment rich in... whatever cat waste is rich in, must research that too... so we don't wind up with a completely empty garden bed.

With all that plus the successful tattoo session, it felt like a weekend of Happenings - a lot of things we've been waiting for or planning on are coming to pass.

This Friday I've finally got the body exfoliation treatment Vix gave me for my birthday booked in, and then Joe and I are heading up to mum's for the weekend. Apparently Geoff (the crazy Canadian boyfriend) is moving back in with her and from what I've been hearing they've well and truly reconciliated over the past six months. This is a good thing. I was pissed at him for a long time over his behaviour a couple of Christmases ago but apparently he's straightened up since then. He's good fun, tells great stories and he adores my mum.

Can't remember if I mentioned it here, but I had my three-month review at work last week, I'm now a permenant full-time employee, and it went well. Hooray!

Also, for the past few days I've been having back and abdominal cramps, so this coming period might be a nasty one...

Have got a planned budget for my next six pays which will end with not only all my debts (and the council fees on my block of land) paid, but with the Jenolan trip paid for too. And my credit card in pieces in the bin.

Also cracked a couple of issues I was having with the ending of my book this morning.

Am currently reading The God Delusion. Very powerful book.
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ge_mig_du From: ge_mig_du Date: June 30th, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm jealous you get to do silly things with my mumma :P I really liked the tattoo toooo!
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