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I got published! - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
I got published!
...or not. My book is still spread across thirty-odd index cards, with another thirty or so yet to write. After that, all that remains is the small matter of the first draft!

The title refers to this: A while back Hammond mentioned to me that an author friend of his was writing a new book, and wanted suggestions for character names. Hammond suggested mine, and apparently there is now a 'Tania Walker' in Jack Heath's 'Money Run' - http://jackheath.com.au/index.htm

The best part is that 'Hammond Buckland' is in there too - as a billionaire. My friend, may life someday imitate art. You have to admit that it's a billionaire sort of name. I've no idea what part my own namesake plays in the novel but I'm hoping for villainous henchwoman or mad scientist.

So that's kinda cool. I must depart now, as there is a cat stubbornly blocking my monitor. Retribution for today's bathing incident, I see...
fight the power!