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Bunny colouring - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Bunny colouring
Grr. Argh. The doc entered the wrong code into the system when he put me on the rebate plan for therapy and I can't claim my rebate until I go back to the medical centre and get them to fix their stuff-up. And until I do that I'm $115 out of pocket. I know I shouldn't complain, given that we're lucky enough to have a healthcare system that pays for our care up to and including psychologists, but geez, this is going to be a convoluted pain in the butt to fix! Also, without the $115 I'm short for the appointment tomorrow! Rargh, grr, argh.

In other grumbly news, I can't wait to start this job on Wednesday! Mostly I just need the exercise; wwithout the daily excuse to walk I'm getting all soft and squishy.

OK, spleen vented. Hammond took a bunch of Easter-bunny-themed coloring contest pages from Woolworths and bought them over tonight for us. Hammond, Joe, Kelly and I sat around the table downstairs and each coloured our page on a different theme. Joe used all greens to disturbing effect. Hammond used a terrifying combination of reds, blacks and marker outlines to make his look like an eight-year-old's approximation of a death metal poster. Kelly went psychedelic, coloring bright swirls into the sky and a peace-sign motif onto the Easter egg (which led to a conversation in which we learned that Pot Doesn't Count As An Actual Drug, Really!) I eschewed colour altogther and instead used a drafting pen to shade my bunny-scene in as many different hatching and stippling textures as I could come up with.

Good times. Good times. Being over twelve (definitively) we are too old to actually enter our masterpieces into the contest, but we're considering sneaking into Woolies with a stapler and ninja-ing our non-entries up onto the wall just to see how long they'll stay up there.
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aibo From: aibo Date: March 17th, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Don't forget to make pictures of the artwork. I love psychedelic:-)

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