Tangles (tania) wrote,


The cops fucking lied to us. We just looked in the Traffic Act and determined that knowingly running a yellow light, as that MORONIC woman who crashed into us DID, comes with as harsh a penalty as running a red light. Therefore, she was in the wrong, and this insurance company chasing us for money is working on incorrect fucking information.

Provided to them by the FUCKING POLICE. PIGS!! What did you do, look at us, see we were younger and automatically decide we were at fault?? Fourteen thosand dollars - you took away our fucking LIVES for the next few years and you made a -mistake-??

Of course, we'll have a devil of a time getting them to admit it. The problem is, the insurance company says if we don't go on a payment plan by Friday week (not this Friday, next Friday), they'll sue us for the full amount. However, if we pay even a cent toward it, that's a legal admission of guilt. Ergo, we have just over a week to build a case and prove the QLD police force wrong before we either get sued, or lay down and let the insurance company fuck us up the ass.

So Rob's gonna fight it, of course. He found out on Monday that he won the Centrelink case, btw - that was our previous big fight with another Goliath trying to screw us. I'm incredibly proud of him... he took on the goddamn federal government and won. So that's $3000 less that life can unfairly screw us out of.

I should be happy, but I can't be. I'm just so fucking angry. We're being screwed left right and center. Nothing -ever- goes right for us. We shouldn't have to FIGHT all the time just to lead an ordinary life! We're both on poverty wages, even jointly we're still under the national poverty line. We're depending on the kindness of my father! And I hate that!

And I'm sick with another fucking cold, my fourth illness THIS YEAR! The other day, there was blood in Nami's stool and I'm terrified there might be something wrong with her. Bonny just keeps getting thinner and thinner and we can't afford the vet. It's almost a month and a half after my birthday, and I haven't got the TLK SE DVD because we can't afford it, and I haven't gotten the digital camera my parents jointly gave me the money to pay for because KMart keeps fucking around and not getting it in stock. All our fish died for no apparent reason. I work my ass off at work and always seem to fall behind or fuck up, and today I got berated for two seperate things which actually WEREN'T my fault. I'm just so, so tired. This afternoon Rob threw his hands in the air and said he might as well give up and declare bankruptcy now, and he was only half-joking. Between work and illnesses and drawing block and general malaise I've barely touched my commissions, and I have two people jumping down my throat about that, one of them -incredibly- rudely, and of the others who aren't bugging me about it I just feel guilty because they're being so damn NICE. I'd refund everyone's money and just never take another commission if I could afford to.

*shakes head* I don't know if I can survive this year. Not if it keeps being like this. Not if our luck doesn't change, and soon. I can't stand it. I can't fucking stand it.
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