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Problem solvered - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Problem solvered
Whelp, that fixes that. We now return to regularly scheduled Livejournal. :)

Work is quiet as the grave tonight; I got to watch 'House'! Now I'm looking up Dinosaur Comics and pet rabbits and Project Chanology at Wikipedia. Adrian and I are eating Doritos. Life is good.

I really have nothing to report - I slept all day (finally!) and spent the evening with Joey: dinner at Southbank followed by a rambling walk through the suburbs. T'was nice as always. I am eternally glad we're getting along so well. Somehow we seem to have stripped the last few misconceptions and misunderstandings from our friendship. Hey, and all it took was months of grief, anger, ignoring-each-other, briefly-considering-trying-again, disappointing-discoveries, discussions-on-loyalty, and being-just-friends. EASY-PEASY. ;) Seriously, though... phew. Things are good.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and, alas, all I'm doing is working. Same as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve last year. Sadfats! But on the upside, thanks to my new longer shifts, tomorrow is also my last working night of the week! Friday I shall spend sleeping, then zip to Dad's office at 4:30 for a lift up to the coast and a cruisy long weekend with mum.

It's refreshing not to have something THRILLING, EXCITING or DRAMATIC to report but it makes for less interesting journal entries.

My god, twelve hour shifts are really, really long!
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