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Blessings in disguise - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Blessings in disguise
So with my home PC out of commission, I got two loads of washing done, helped Joe make more chocolates, tidied my room a bit, read a bunch more of the latest Obernewtyn book, got a reasonable amount of sleep, and spent a few hours at Hammonds and Adders' place along with Kelly and Joe before heading to work.

This whole no-PC thing could really work for me! For a while, anyway. Let's say until the novelty wears off. In the meantime I think I'll use all this free time to sort out my wardrobe, re-plug in the mess of cables running from the AV equipment in my room, find a buyer for that dining table set, oh yeah, and HIDE THE CATS on Tuesday morning because the real estate is doing a short-notice valuation inspection. I cringe to think of the state of the yard. Forget a gardener or poison, it needs a bloody flamethrower.

Housemates! Rent goes up this week by +$10/payment. Kim, I forgot to tell you before you put yours in... just take it off my tab? Heh. The delicate fiscal dance of the tightly-knit sharehouse continues.

Also I need to hunt you all down sometime tomorrow and get you to sign the new lease.

I may have found someone for the spare room, fingers crossed.

Trying to budget for the overdraft on my credit card makes my head explode. :( I'm going to have to call the bank on Monday and plead for mercy or they'll whack a black mark on my record. Eating at home all week this week has reminded me just how much money I can save by doing that, so I think I'll keep that up. We shall prevail!
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