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Aww, apparently there was an exciting storm today, which Kelly and I… - Suffering From Elation
A Survivor's Tale
Aww, apparently there was an exciting storm today, which Kelly and I managed to entirely miss because we were at the School of Hairdressing in Queen Street Mall getting TEN DOLLAR STYLE CUTS! My hair is back to short-and-spunky Melbourne mode now, which I like, but looks kind of crappy at this precise instant because it got rained on when we walked home, and sweated in when I walked to work tonight.

Kelly's haircut looks fabulous, which is no surprise as her previous haircut was done by hammond. No offense, Hammy. We love you, but not for your haircut skillz. She's going back tomorrow to get streaks put in but is hesitant to go the red-and-gold route that I took because, in her words, "It'd be a little bit 'Single White Female'..." And then she made a crack about murdering my bunny.

Which brings me to grouse that, as usual, Queensland is the one Aussie state where you CAN'T own rabbits (or ferrets!) but I shall live vicariously through the lovely Liz C / niaid, who is going to take advantage of her relocation to Canberra to BUNNY UP!

Kels and I enquired about tattoos at Wild At Heart and it turns out the first available appointments are in mid-March. Joe's going to have his done at the same time as mine and Kelly can join us as long as we book soonish so she can plan to take the day off. Hammond wants another tattoo as well, hopefully he can join us in March. We can make a day of it. A day of PAIN.

Joe and I cooked dinner together again tonight... As a longtime sufferer of cooking apathy, I'm surprised to find I've had a way nicer time being broke and cooking with him all week than I usually have getting takeout. Not to mention cooking at home is THE only reason I'm surviving this week. Leeeetle bit broke. On the upside, I appear to have paid off one of my debts. After dinner I caught another hour of sleep while Joe read.

I have a date tomorrow night, and the Californication marathon Friday night... I'm looking forward to the marathon more than the date! Within me dwells an enormous introvert who must be restrained from a lifetime spent wrapped in blankets and books.

EDIT 1: Note to self - download and burn stuff for Viv.

EDIT 2: BEST HOUSE SPOILER EVER!!! Bahaahaa! Okay, I can think of one I'd like better, but this one was a bigger surprise. Thank you, TelevisionWithoutPity.com.

EDIT 3: It's a quiet night at work, I judged the new Obernewtyn book too bloody enormous to bring along on my walk, and I'm running out of internets... :O

EDIT 4: Awww, Viv / scoutlostthewar just gave me hot lemon tea and a slice of watermelon. I've probably already mentioned how awesome it is to work with friends, but it's worth mentioning again: awesome! <3
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isnotanexit From: isnotanexit Date: February 6th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
hmmm, one detail of the House summary on televisionwithoutpity.com is wrong....
porsupah From: porsupah Date: February 7th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
No bunnies in Queensland? Feh! If I manage to move south someday, I suppose it'll be Sydney, then. ^_^ (And they have the Lord Nelson, one of the vanishingly few spots I found real beer - house brewed, even. And a fantastic restaurant upstairs, too, though that was in 2001 - chefs come and go all the time, so it may be a bingo hall by now, for all I know)

On the other paw, Brisbane does (did?) have Jameson's.. wow.

Hm. Scanning at first, I noticed edit 1's "burn stuff for Viv" first, which prompted me to quickly check the context.

2 have fought ~ fight the power!