Tangles (tania) wrote,

Potential AFK replacement #1 / Crikey Duck thought / Plans

Possible AFK Cafe replacement: what about the Alibi Room?


It's in New Farm, you can book booths that seat about 12 people, and everyone I know who goes there adores it.

That's the main downside, actually: it's wildly popular, and I know we all liked having a special, less well-known place that we felt was uniquely ours. Also, we'd have to change our meeting night, because Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays and apparently the place is packed to the rafters. I know a lot of you have already arranged work and life schedules to keep Tuesdays free, so I want to try to avoid that.

I'm still researching, trying to find a place with similar attributes but less popularity. *snerk* This is becoming overanalytical... hey Adders, how 'bout a massive pros-and-cons sheet? ;P

A buncha people ganged up on me a couple of AFK nights ago and tried to talk me into getting back into Crikey Duck, using a simpler style. But the Disney-esque feel is what MAKES that strip! I think as an artist/writer you can improve the quality of a strip, sure, but to downgrade the quality is to cheat your audience and I'm not comfortable with that. I want the comic to exist in a quality form or not at all.

Holy shit, my diary is booked up FOREVER. You guys rock!

- Haircuts with Kelly
- Make a tentative appointment with Wild At Heart for tattoo with Kelly

- Date with a Boy at 3 Monkeys. I still feel a bit over this whole dating schtick but he's a very witty, interesting boy and I've been playing email tag with him for a while, so it's time we met!

- Californication marathon with Kelly, Joey, Hammond and Adders.

- AFK Wake (now postponed)
- Sign next lease at the real estate
- Party held by a couple of good friends

- Taking Dad and Jeanne out to Macleay Island to look at the land, and so he can check out potential investment properties. Go Dad!


- Coffee Night at... where?

- First 12-hour shift
- New episode of House (how sad is it that this is marked in my diary??)

- Second 12-hour shift
- See 'Run Fatboy Run' with Joe @ Southbank

- 4-day weekend begins!
- Get lift up to Coast with Dad
- Meet up with Mum @ Kawana, head to her place

Saturday to Monday:
- @ Mum's.

Good lord. I think I'll try to keep that Monday free for 'me time'.
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