Tangles (tania) wrote,

Tip of the Day

Tonight I made the acquaintance of a player who shall be known, from here on in, as "Mr Indecisive". Oh the stories I could tell! Let's have the short version: IRRITATING LITTLE SHIT. And he's Canadian too. I'm so disappointed. I fucking love Canadians. ;_;

So, off on an unrelated tangent, I'm making my nightly check-on-teh-newb-accounts phone calls, and Mark and I are getting jacked off with international players phoning us back. It's irritating because when THEY call US, I never know which one from the list is calling, then I've got to fumble open their account details while trying to answer the questions they inevitably ask in a thick accent, and it's really just a royal pain.

If only we had some way of hiding our outgoing number.

BUT WE DO! Kids, if your fixed line is with Optus and you want to phone like a ninja, dial '1831' before you tap in the number.

Use it wisely, my dudes. Use it wisely.
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