Tangles (tania) wrote,


The mortgage documents were accidentally sent to my mortgage broker, not me, but it's all cool - he's actually going to drive here from Victoria Point out at Cleveland and drop them off! He's awesome and is worth every cent I'll be paying (of which there will be many).

This means I have to get up to mum's at least part of the weekend to have her sign her part of the mortgage contract, then get back here and drop them off in person at Homeside Lending first thing Monday morning so the money is ready to go for settlement on Tuesday.

Deadlines! Always thrilling, edge-of-my-seat, scraping-in-at-the-last-minute deadlines! Jack Bauer eat your heart out.

All this makes the land seem a little more real, which is good.

In other good news, hammond is coming to earthminor's wedding too, so it's going to turn into another travel adventure, this time with quillblade along for the ride.

sigmoidal_suseq's board game night tonight! Hopefully I can swing things so I can make it to that but also still make it to mum's in good time, which probably means taking a Saturday morning train.

Nearly up to 50 friends on Facebook; I've found LJ people, my Brisbane contacts, the folks I worked with at Liquid Animation, some of the folks I went to college with... but I haven't yet cracked high school or Disney, dammit.
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