Tangles (tania) wrote,

Land ho!

I've scheduled an inspection for the better of the two Spring Hill offices for 10:15am Thursday - was originally going to be tomorrow but the appointment was moved. I'm still not convinced we're quite ready for this step, but we'll see. Perhaps I can negotiate a deal with the landlord - it's not unheard of for landlords to offer a first-three-months rent-free thing to help seal the deal.

In other news, today I went out to Macleay Island again with Joey and his parents. This time we actually snapped some photos of the land, only we did so with Joey's dad's phone camera and of course I forgot to get copies of the damn photos.

This second look completely sold me. The block of land is flat. Sandy soil. GORGEOUS trees. The funny thing is, the trees are all around the edges of the land and there's a large empty space in the middle, as though it's just waiting for a house to be put in. Only a single tree intrudes on the area where the house's 'footprint' would go and it's a small'un. So when the time comes I'll be saved a lot of expense; there's zero leveling to be done and only a single tree to be removed.

Oh, and we realised that there are in fact water views from the GROUND. I'm 5'3 and I could see a chunk of the bay. If I build something a couple of stories high, or on poles, I'm going to have an awesome view!

Am doing my own conveyancing; have to pick up one of the kits. Also haven't heard final confirmation re the loan yet but the fella organising it for me is confident it'll work out well. Fingers crossed. Having seen the block again I've come to realise how lucky I was to find this particular one.

Gotta ring the cinema tomorrow for Ratatouille times; typically, their website is bloody useless. It's been a long day and I'm quite tired... But on the upside, 'DOLLAR TUESDAY' DVD RENTALS!
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