Tangles (tania) wrote,

Interrobang Symbology

Pendants for sale!

PRICE: AU $99 each (approx. US $85)
S&H: To USA / Worldwide - AU $10 (approx. US $8.50). To Australia - AU $5.

Pendant meanings (top to bottom):

1. Precision - Simplicity can be remarkably complex. 2 SOLD!
2. Music - Dance like nobody's watching.
3. Play - Balance work and play, action and rest.
4. Heal - For those who heal, or need healing. 1 SOLD!
5. Risk - Handle with care and respect.

And coming soon:

6. Power - Switched-on and in control.

There is ONE of each of the first five pendants for sale. If you're interested in purchasing one of these, please comment on this journal entry to reserve your piece. The first to claim a pendant in comments will get that pendant.

Each pendant is solid .925 silver.

Please note that the silver snake chain is not included; however these can be picked up for very little cost at any jewellery store (and we will begin offering them in future). Alternately you can wear your pendant on any chain of your own, or on a leather strap - an awesome look for guys.

Payment from US customers is accepted via Paypal (payments@interrobang.com.au) in AUSTRALIAN dollars (don't worry, Paypal does this for you - you tell it Aussie dollars and it figures out the rest itself). Australian customers are welcome to pay in cash (in person only), bank deposit, online transfer, cheque or money order.

Each pendant will be sent out via Registered Post the day we receive payment.

NOTE: If the pendant you want is already sold, please comment anyway - we are taking pre-orders. Pre-payment (upon placing the pre-order) would be preferred, though I'm flexible and friendly-like; I'm not going to give you a smackdown if you have to wait a few days for your next paycheck. :)

Good news in the next post. :)
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