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Lack of updates here lately is mostly due to being flat-out busy over at DA! I'm getting 10 - 15 notes per day. I'm also organising a "HP DD Week" for July 16 - 22; for the duration of that week, each Daily Deviation I choose will be Potter-themed. I'm asking people to send their suggestions, so if you've got one, please Note me over at DA (not here, it'll make it too hard to keep track): http://animator.deviantart.com

The birthday present Chris and I made for mum came back from casting and cleaning on Friday. It's lovely - not Interrobang's usual stuff, but definitely a 'mum' piece. I'm going to test out the new photo gear with it later today and I'll post the results here... under a filter on the off chance mum is reading. :)

Money is unpleasantly tight at the moment. In order to help the business get on it's feet, Chris and I haven't been drawing a wage for the past two months (he's been living on savings and I've been freelancing on the side). I think I'll give us both our first payday next week, as we can afford it now.

We had a huge bunch of people over on Thursday night, including some of Joey's old friends from Way Back When. It was fabulous, the kind of night which eventually degenerated into me drawing caricatures of the guests on people-shaped balloons. The addition of balloons to any one of our gatherings usually reverts us all back to age five.

Hurr hurr hurr.

Also, Em gave me a handmade gift-pack of snacks and a glittery penis hat (it wasn't meant to look like that, she assures me as I place the penis hat on my forehead) as a celebration of my Gallery Dictatorship Directorship.

Happy Birthday to martes and jesskat!

Exciting things on the horizon business-wise still haven't solidified enough that I can mention them here as good news. Argh, patience is not my strong suit.

HP movie day coming up, locals - details to be posted here soonish. :)
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