Tangles (tania) wrote,

The next share house

Awriiight! I was worried we'd have trouble finding people, but here we are, and people are lining up to get into our newly-forming share house! Awesome people!

First my brother Chris. Then Diz (dizzay) put her hand up. Then Joey's sister Ruby (geg_mig_du) wanted in, though her parents are trying to talk her into living at home a little longer. Now Joe's awesome friend Dan has mentioned that he's free in 5 - 6 weeks, and interested.

The best thing is that these candidates are all people I already know, and they're all great. I don't have any worries about living with any of them.

Tomorrow we're inspecting, among other properties, this place:


It's four-bedroom. Joey and I would be sharing the master; everyone else gets a normal bedroom, we all pay $80/week for something in this range. Damn cheap rent for a damn fine place in a fantastic neighborhood! The listing failed to mention a policy on pets, however, so this one is highly unlikely to be The One. Fortunately I have other good potentials on my list which express an open policy re pets.

Wish us luck for tomorrow!
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