Tangles (tania) wrote,

iPod, laptop, and advice needed about PDAs.

Oops, I've had my first major iPod malfunction. I know what the culprit was, too...

I hadn't used it for a while, and when I went to do so the other day, all the music was missing. The photos were still on it, but no videos, podcasts or music whatsoever. I've plugged it into iTunes, which is giving me some odd errors to the tune of "Cannot update iPod. Reason unknown" - gee, thanks, that's helpful. But what iTunes also shows is that, although the music is not showing up, it's still all THERE... the hard drive on the iPod is still half-full, which is where it was before.


There's the option 'restore iPod to factory settings' which I can use to fix this, but I'd rather not because a lot of the songs on the 'pod came straight from CDs, or were from other people's computers, etc... in other words, rebuilding my library would be a pain in the ass. Not to mention my painstakingly-tailored playlists.

Oh well, maybe time to start afresh. :)

The culprit was mum's laptop. To transfer her files to her new computer, we first tried to put them all in Joe's camera. It started acting REALLY weird, so we quickly disconnected it and used my iPod instead. I imagine that's when the problem occured. In fact, I just investigated the storage space on the iPod and sure enough, the folders from mum's laptop are giving me 'corruption' errors when I try to delete 'em.

Electronic cannibalism!

Damn crazy laptops. Speaking of which, mum's laptop is now my laptop - hurrah! Erm, I've given it a complete do-over, so hopefully it won't eat electronic devices anymore. It's a bit of a dinosaur, no wireless or anything, but still - at least now when I go away I can take my files etc with me.

I still need a reliable way to check email while I'm away, though. I'm thinking of getting a PDA-phone. I really want something with a keyboard and inexpensive that can check email, take calls and surf the 'net. That's all. I don't care about MP3 capabilities or inbuilt cameras or any of that crap; this is purely going to be a business device. Any suggestions?
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