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Livejournal! Now with less whining!

I realised how bizarre my job is yesterday when I did a final read-through of an email I wrote to one of our Chinese manufacturers, discussing voice recording for a swearing garden gnome. Here are some excerpts:

Phrase #9 - You offered us two options. We prefer the first one using "cock", not

Phrase #16 - Please change wording to "Fuck ME! Even I think you're ugly... and I'm
a fucking garden gnome!"

I'm simultanously proud and embarrassed, an inner conflict that also applies to growing up on the poor side of town. The two things are related - I was raised not to pick up the bogan (trailer trash) language all around me, and then I end up swearing for a living. Still, it makes life interesting.

With my computer still out of commission, updating my journal is a little less convenient, so I haven't done so for a while. The last week has included:

- Shopping on Thursday night with Vix, prodding her into buying a corset that looks spectacular on her, and subsequently crashing at her place and sleeping on the couch, thus dislodging sebkha from his usual haunt.

- I petted a horse. This is a novelty for me. I want to bring it an apple but I keep having visions of having my hand eaten off. :( (I don't know much about horses).

- I also had a bottle of Sangria Ramune explode when I popped it open, showering my face, arms, desk, diary and the floor with a bukkake-esque spray of fizzy goodness. I laughed a lot, whilst dripping.

- Friday night, attended TWO parties - a 16th birthday party full of crazy emo kids (surprisingly hilarious) and the divine __mandrew__'s birthday party, for which I drew him a cool picture which I can't post here right now because it's on my dead computer. Expect a picspam post soon anyway, I gots loads of fun things to upload!

- Oh yeah, and I swigged away half a bottle of spiced mead and got quite drunk. Mead is a weird thing... nobody is ever sure if they really LIKE it, but damned if they can stop drinking it...

- I had the following exchange in a Domino's Pizza joint whilst Joe and I were waiting for our order, dressed in matching "Mensa the Menacer" supervillain club t-shirts. It helps to know that Joey's surname is 'Ford':
Random Guy: *asks about our shirts*
Joe and I: *try to explain, with limited success*
Pizza girl: "Ford? Order for Ford?"
Joe: *goes to grab the pizza*
Random Guy: "Ford, huh? Do you drive one?"
Me: "Nope. I ride one."
Random Guy: *cracks up*

I should be ashamed of myself.

Speaking of Joey, it's his birthday today, and his antics of late include bribing me to draw Dodgy Things, digitally applying makeup to a pic of me in Photoshop to try and find my perfect shade of lipstick (that's so incredibly gay yet useful), and digitally creating an 'Ecto-Tank' for large-scale ghost-blasting.

Meanwhile, I've been plagarised more than all of you! Neener, neener! *cough* Yes. Anyway. It turns out some of my illustrations for work have been pinched by rival companies and used on THEIR boxes. My bosses are kicking ass over it. GO, small angry asians! GO!

Re the real estate - ze battle, she ees won. The property manager backed right off, but never admitted that she was actually WRONG about the inspection rules, which deprives me of the closure I so desperately crave.

I also organised for Robbie to come pick up his furniture this weekend, after which I'm buying a crapload of plastic storage tubs and getting this place tidy - I'll finally have room to store stuff!

Oh yeah, and I'm taking out ALL my savings and using them to pay Rob the rest of what I owe him. This week. So I'll be back to no savings but I'll be completely debt free and the furniture in the house will then be entirely mine. Plus I can start saving much MORE each pay because I'll no longer need to make payments. So yeah, one part of me is wailing at the destruction of my thousand-dollar-plus saving streak, but I think it's the best thing to do. And now that I know how to save, it doesn't seem hard anymore... sort of like dieting, it's like a switch just flipped over in my head one day and I went from sucking at it to doing it right.

Let's see, what else... oh, Joey and I also saw plasticised dead bodies. Ayup. Half of me was scientifically going "Hmm, fascinating!" and the other half was going "LOL, small peenerz!"
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