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Perfumer and a DevMeet

This weekend, Hammond, Joe and I all went to visit a blue-and-purple-haired hippy perfumer, who took us through his stash of scents. His laboratory is lined with hundreds of bottles, shelf after shelf of them, wall after wall of them, every surface covered with them. He had bottled the scent of coffee beans, of Tira Misu, of lemon and of lime, of freshly cut grass, and of rain on earth. Anything we could think of, he had a scent for. He had the scent of water and the scent of air.

His name is Jonathan and he's awesome. We spent over three hours with him. I bought a bottle of his 'signature' personally made perfume from him. Someday I might get him to make me a custom perfume. I think I want it to contain, very subtly, the scent of freshly sharpened pencils. He had that in a bottle too.

Saturday night, the boy and I picked up his parents from the airport, where they were full of holiday food and stories about glaciers (they just had a holiday in New Zealand).

Sunday we turned up to the DeviantArt Meet at South Bank. There must've been about forty people there, probably more - some left early, some came late. Joe wore... well, I'll post photos below; words don't do it justice.

A guy Hammond met at the DevMeet saw me hugging Hammond goodbye from a distance, and apparently assumed I was his mother. Hammond rang me to tell me (giggling like a dweeb!) and I passed the tale onto Joe, disgruntled. Bad enough that I spent the afternoon feeling old compared to all the under-18's at the Meet (I'm 24... a real ol' bag, eh?), but this was the second time in two days I've been called a mother - the first time was when we were talking to Jonathan (awesome hippy perfume man) about the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, and Joe made a crack about it (I think it was revenge for an earlier smartass remark I'd made about him, so I'll pay that...)

"You do take care of us," Joey said simply, and I suddenly felt better about the whole thing.

Here, have some DevMeet photos. There's a TV-headed man, traumatised children, some jump photos and some other photos!

What Joe wore.

I stole someone's glasses.


inc_b and hammond, my boys!


Look at the reflection in this!

Best hair ever.

Blimey! If I caption any more of these I'll miss out on sweet lovin'! So long, losers! *RUNSAWAYFAST!*

[EDIT] OK, it's the next morning, and I'm gonna keep doing captions now! The previous pic was Vix threatening me with a sausage. This one is this guy (I don't know his name) who had neat hair, and was doing really intricate facepainting.

The lovely Mez, with cloak.

Kyza. The organiser of the meet enjoys her meat.

I don't remember this girl's name, but she's adorable, and that's how the facepainting turned out.

Hammond. Blue and green should definitely be seen. :D

Joe sucking on a wormwood-soaked toothpick. I can't take him anywhere. ;)

Bingo and Mez (the ears and the cloak) and other peeps.

This is the guy whose glasses I briefly stole. He was awesome!

Mez had hairspray with her.

Some of the attendees.

Destroy all seagulls!

Oh what a feeling!

Destroy all Hammonds! (I have to post the big version of this on DeviantArt later; his expression is priceless.)

Combining Joe with a playground full of children turned out to be an excellent idea.

Say hello to the nice man in the stocking balaclava, kids!

They were so horrified by his stocking'd appearence, they demanded that he put the TV back on.

What's the bet these kids will all go home and try to stick their heads into TVs?

Headphones dude took my camera and told me to "work it!"

"You're a lemur!" (Joe: "Lemurs don't go like that!!")

Me and headphones dude. (I should really start taking down names...)

I can't explain this beyond noting that, at some point, someone decided it'd be a good idea to see who could fit their entire fist into their mouth. (I can! No surprise.)

This guy dressed and acted like Dr House. Awesome.

The hairspray thing got out of hand.
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