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Mail call!

I got home and had TWO PACKAGES AND A LETTER FROM ROBBIE waiting for me. EEEEEEEE!!

I'm one of those people who absolutely flips out in delight at getting stuff in the mail (except bills), so this is a happy day. In fact, I kind of wish the parcels had spaced themselves out! Not that I'm complaining.


I got a parcel from Amazon - Mystery Science Theatre's "Manos, The Hands of Fate" from katarina42! OMG! Thank you so much, girl!! *hugs* This AND a drawing all in one day... who did I blow to deserve all this spoil-age? Not you, I assume, given that we're both straight girls (and my tongue is nowhere near long enough to cross the Pacific Ocean). ^_^;

The other parcel was from an ol' coworker from Disney - he's still working there 'til the studio closes early next year. He sent me a burned DVD of episodes 1-8 of a show called "Bullshit" which doesn't air on free-to-air TV, so I've never seen it, but he regaled me on the awesomeness of it when I had dinner with him last time a Trade Fair took me down to Sydney, and I've been hanging out to see it ever since. :D

I'll get to the letter in a seperate entry, 'cos it's the best thing of all. Not the content so much as the fact that I have a letter from Robbie! Just looking at the envelope made me happy.

Within the past couple of weeks (props time, people!) I've also received in the mail:

- THE MOST AWESOME LIVEJOURNAL SHIRT from tigrr_wildcat! Photos coming soon. I wore it one Thursday night and was declared the "geekiest person in the room", but then sebkha walked in, so phew. ;D (Sorry Seb.) It fits perfectly, too... you're right, girl, there's definitely a feeling of satisfaction in putting on a size small shirt and having it fit just right. :)

- Custom-made ragdoll plushies of the three Crikey Ducks from uniede! These weren't a Christmas present... they were a combination commission/trade - but they're so incredibly awesomely cool that I have to list them here. You'll see a photo of them when Crikey Duck is updated, as I promised her I'd show 'em off. Good advertising for her, and they're just too cute not to be shared.

- A Christmas card and drawing of a very naughty Zakiya from diavana - I'll scan it in and add it to the Crikey Duck gallery sometime this weekend. :3 Geez, Dawn, I never considered putting mistletoe THERE before... you're brilliant. ;D

Thank you so much, you guys. Your pressies had a habit of arriving just when I needed a smile. :)
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