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Mini Art Dump

*sigh* Didn't get everything finished that I wanted to get finished, but here's some stuff:

1. L'Orange Family Portrait!

*looks at the pic* Hmm... stuff to say... From left to right, we have Zakiya, Leila, Duke, Tasmin and Tam. All are my own Brotherhood characters, bar Duke, who is (c) Disney. :) Other stuff to say... OK, well, that's paint on Tam's shirt. Must be his "work shirt". ;) And yes, Tasmin definitely needs a belt. ;) I've stuck a streak of white in Leila's hair, aaand... that's probably all that bears mentioning.

Oh, except the damn feet. I was experimenting with feet. I know it sucks and I don't wanna hear it. ;P :P :P

Oh, and that's a REALLY cheap-ass coloring job. MAJORLY. I just wanted to have SOMETHING ready for tonight. ;P

Aaand here's the other stuff.

2. Bellboy Model Sheet: Commission WARNING: Adult. Full frontal male nudity. DON'T say I didn't warn you.

I tried something different with this - I had two full-body poses in here of an anthro pony, and I couldn't decide which way to draw his legs (because there's more than one way to handle anthro horse legs), so I did both - one on each. I'm still not sure which I prefer. I also drew him without his glasses in one shot, just for the heck of it. My theory was that it'd be nice if each pic on the model sheet was as different from the others as possible. Dunno if it works; you be the judge.

Bellboy - I'll email you this and a printable version tomorrow. :)

3. Fullsize avatar portrait, Vicki as a duck.

4. Vicki Avatar. (I know I've posted this here before, but it's FINISHED this time...)

5. Zoe Avatar.

6. Miranda Avatar.

And that's all. ;P Shamefully small art dump; but I might have some more for tomorrow. :)
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