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*giggles* Crikey Duck flies again!

Crikey Duck is updated - same time, same place, www.crikeyduck.com, yada yada yada. This issue is entitled "Booty and the Beast". Jaffa, buddy, you can inadvertently stammer-name a strip for us -anytime-. ;)

I'm already in gigglefits over stardustshine's and canthlian's responses to the Mr Rogers... thing... (see the description on this issue). Oh god, please, don't say it three times. YOU'RE TEMPTING FATE!

Has anyone else noticed that the length and weirdness of my write-ups is inversely proportionate to the amount of sleep I get?

[EDIT - 5 MINUTES LATER:] Goddammit, guys, quit being funny in the comments! I have to SLEEP! *puts hands over ears* LALALALA ICANTHEARYOU GOINGTOBEDNOW!
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