November 24th, 2009

Blackadder - Blackadder: Scheming

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I made my choice - already had before yesterday's journal entry, but I needed to explore it in writing to make sure I really felt that way. Not that I've never lied to myself in writing before. *coughcoughpartsofthisjournal*

Today I applied to the Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing. I'm also enquiring about fast-tracking to a Diploma but I'd count myself lucky if the system were that flexible... We'll see. About time I picked up some formal qualifications. I never had the time before, around all that having-a-career business.

Oh yeah, I finished a Cert III in Micro Business Operations a couple of weeks back, I may not have mentioned that here.

Anyway, here's my list of chosen electives for the Cert IV:

- Editing A
- Short Fiction
- Long Fiction
- Writing for Children: Picture Books
- Writing for Children: Chapter Books
- Screenwriting A

I would have liked to be able to take more electives - there was an Editing B, Screenwriting B, Poetry (I know/appreciate little about poetry and would like to change that), a couple of Journalism subjects... Actually, the only ones that didn't interest me at all were Corporate Writing (three units of that!) and Life Writing (creative lying is at least half the fun of writing, where I'm concerned.)

Speaking of writing, I'm having a total blast doing this second-draft plan of my novel. I've discovered the Styles and Formatting toolbar in Word and have gleefully assigned various colours and font styles to scene summaries to represent what needs to be changed / moved / added... Every day is an OCD orgasm right now. I can't remember when I've ever had this much fun. Perhaps when writing the first draft, if you discount the terror involved every time I sat down to begin. Or perhaps in the early days of drawing, long before over-involved non-artist bosses sucked the caring right out of me.