November 2nd, 2009

Cats - Sawyer: OMGYEY!


Oh, alright. I'm doing it. Inspiration struck. Username is TaniaWalker. WHO ELSE IS DOING THIS I MUST HAVE YOUR DETAILS IMMEDIATELY KTHXBAI.

Mine's an urban fantasy. Joe and I developed the idea over the course of a few long walks, after deciding we'd like to see wizards done with a bit of grit. Synopsis:

Through a botched suicide attempt, a walking dead man discovers the fading underworld of magical "pullers" and "pushers". His unique abilities lead him into conflict with a powerful enemy, and his only allies are a group of pompous old Englishmen, a hippie girl who may have breathed a little too much patchouli, and a wrench-wielding biker who doesn't believe any of this is actually happening.

I just wrote that off the top of my head, so apologies for the suck. Writing a synopsis is an ART FORM, one which I do not yet possess. Writing a one-sentence summary? Harder yet. I foresee great struggle when the time comes to write a one-sentence summary of the book I just finished.

The puller/pusher idea is one I've been playing with for years, I just never quite found the right story to build around it. Over the years I've tried, with awkward results, to insert it into stories where it simply didn't work at all.

I'm aiming for a lighthearted tone. Having said that, I'm going to be drawing on my experience of depression for the main character. The thing about depression is that it's SO extreme that, once you've recovered from it, it's... god, I feel awful saying this, but it's something you can laugh about. Like being able to look back and laugh about those extreme high-school crushes that made you miserable at the time... It's just such an extreme thing, and in extremities, there is humor.

I don't know. Perhaps it's just a case of "laugh so you don't cry". That was the only way I could process it.

So I'm a day late (and I'm taking today off as well), but I'll hit this target. You watch me.

PS: JB's birthday part on Saturday night nearly killed me. Epic karaoke! Spent Sunday with hammond and sigmoidal_suseq who has a 'button' t-shirt that made me die of happiness. Sawyer has settled in so completely with his uncles that he is, once again, using human beings as furniture. Go Sawyer! All's well that ends well.