July 22nd, 2009

Tanipus: Happeh


I gave verbal notice at work yesterday. Now all that remains is to figure out exactly how much notice I want to give (six weeks is the contractual minimum here) and to type up the formal document. Ultimately I was polite and respectful. The reason I gave for wanting to leave was that I hadn't been engaged by this job for the past few months, and as a result I felt I was not doing my best work. That's bad for both my employer and for me. I shook my boss's hand and thanked him at the end of it.

I'm just too damn nice. It's just that he looked so SAD when I told him I was leaving that my desire to tell him where to stick his job evaporated instantly.

This does not make as good a story as any of my original plans to quit in a storm of vengeful passion. Perhaps in the short term it wasn't as satisfying as telling him Exactly What I Think Of The Management Here. Yet I feel unexpectedly satisfied, and my bridges are very intact.

Happily, because six weeks is not sufficient time to finish a full game, I'll be taken off my current source of hair-tearing frustration game and put onto some piecemeal work; making generic buttons or posters or something. Meanwhile, though my quitting has solved my own frustrations with this place, my equally-frustrated coworkers have attacked the problem by drafting up guidelines for management detailing the kind of briefing / feedback proceedures they'd like to see put in place. Judging from a couple of my boss's comments during my meeting with him yesterday, he's also aware that there's a severe communication problem between Downstairs and Upstairs, so hopefully the twain shall meet and my passing will not be in vain. ;) Honestly, the place hasn't been the same since they fired the extremely talented Game Designer and didn't bother replacing him - stupid decision of the century.

I do hope things ease up on my coworkers. It's too late for me though; I'm done. I don't want to work on pokies for the rest of my life, so why am I doing it now? Originally it was so I could buy a house, but I can't afford to buy a house anywhere close enough to this job to allow me to continue working here anyway... so essentially I was going to work purely for money which I was frittering away on inconsequentials (and worse yet, takeout). If I'd chosen a career based purely on the desire to make money, I would have become a dentist.

So. The current plan is this:

Contact Centerlink. See if I can get student support to enrol in one of the correspondance courses in children's writing I have my eye on. Spend the remainder of the year studying that, and move to Tas at the end of the year.

Following my passions re work has never led me wrong before. I told some friends the other day that I was thinking of enrolling in Fine Arts and they laughed at me, but Joe later pointed out that I did a single year of the even more impractical Bachelor of Animation, and turned that into a successful professional career spanning eight years. So I'm not worried. I have faith in myself. Ultimately it's not the course that makes the career, it's the person.

Joe and I had a celebratory feast of Indian food last night - possibly the last of its kind for a long time to come, as from here on in I'll be saving every possible cent.

Things I am not looking forward to:

- Less money.

Things I am looking forward to:

- Long healthy walks and runs every day without worrying about Being At Work On Time.
- Losing weight.
- Lower stress.
- Working on my own art.
- Formal education again; I LOVE learning!
- Lying in the sun sketching.
- Painting on my Cintiq.
- Writing my stories in cafes.
- Keeping the house tidier.
- Finally sorting through the garage and selling / giving away almost everything there.
- Tasmania.
- The future.