May 26th, 2009



Our accommodation in Tasmania was to be a Launceston cottage rented cheap from the family of a friend, but we've just been told it's been rented. So... we have nowhere to stay and I've got about a week to figure this out.

God, nothing's ever easy. No van, no accommodation, sometimes I don't know why I bother trying to make awesome things happen because I'd probably be less stressed out if I just stayed at home and read a book instead.

Anyone know of any crummy cheap youth hostels in/around Hobart? The crummier and cheaper the better. ;P

My friends are all having babies, traveling the world, buying houses and getting married (in various combinations)...and I can't even make a two-week holiday in my own country work. *repeated headdesk*

Problem solved - we're going to hire a Wicked camper for the week instead. This will give us more freedom to move around, see the sights and go whereever we please. The major downside I can see is that we will FREEZE OUR TITS OFF... we don't have sleeping bags and the van only comes with pillows and a blanket, I think. It's also not heated. Is this going to be dangerous at that time of year in Tas? Will sleeping fully-clothed (layered) be enough?