April 24th, 2009

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Stimulus! Holiday! Happy days!

I've been a bit stressed lately, a bit busy at work, but today I got some really good news... with really good timing!

Joe and I received our stimulus payments! So we've now hit our van target and will begin seriously seeking a good van to buy.

Same morning, I saw an article about Tiger Airlines on News.com.au - they're doing free tickets (well, about $25 each with tax) to various places in Australia. Nothing that leaves from Brisbane but that's cool, we have a VAN! So I booked Joe and I a two-week holiday, because my last hol was central Australia and that was six months ago. Christmas doesn't count... I spent the break chasing around after my family and being stressed out because Joe and I were having probs; it was WORSE than work!

So anyhow, I grabbed us tickets to a place I've not yet been and have always wanted to visit. Our trip itinery is as follows:

May 28 - Thurs:
Work. Hop in van that evening, drive a couple of hours, eat and chill out someplace nice at the Gold Coast that night.

May 29th - Fri:
First day of leave. Drive south all day with amusing pit stops along the way.

May 30th - Saturday:
Drive south all day. Take it easy. Stop and look at Cool Things (TBA).

June 1st - Sunday:
Arrive at Melbourne sometime in the morning. Catch up with Ruby and other awesome peeps. Do Stuff (TBA).

June 2nd - Monday:
More Melbourne stuffs.

June 3rd - Tuesday:

June 4th - Hobart stuff!
June 5th - Hobart stuff!
June 6th - Hobart stuff!
June 7th - Hobart stuff!
June 8th - Hobart stuff!

June 9th - Tuesday:
Drive to Canberra

June 10th - Wednesday:
Canberra Things with LIZ!

June 11th - Thursday:
Canberra Things with LIZ!

June 12th - Friday:
Drive home, take it easy

June 13th - Saturday:
Drive home, take it easy

June 14th - Sunday:
Finish remainder of driving, if any, and REST at home.

So obviously there's still a lot up in the air. I'm guessing Joe will know plenty of awesome things to do in Melbourne, Liz will know what to do in Canberra, we know people we can probably crash with in both Melbs and Canberra, but Tassie is still a big question mark. What to do? Where to go? Where to stay? Also, figuring out what is worth stopping and doing/seeing on the drive down will be fun.

Hmm, I guess I better go start looking for a van!
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Fixed-term marriage


I've had that theory for a year or so now; in fact I remember discussing it with mum back when I was single for a while. I quite like the way this writer expresses it. In essence, people should have the option of entering into fixed-term marriages. The renewal (if you decide to renew) at the end of the first five-year term offers an opportunity for another wedding-esque party too, bonus! ;)

The current format suffers from a number of weaknesses:

- It's tied in with religion, but is the only formal system of legal couple committment available to the public, secular or otherwise.

- It doesn't take into account the idea that people change throughout their lives, and may change in different directions.

- It breeds familiarity... and contempt. I read the 'Ask Bossy' blog a lot and I can't tell you how many of the letters are a husband writing in to say his wife 'let herself go' (or vice versa) after the first couple of years of marriage, and became a boring, fat, sexually uninspired person who naps in an easy chair in front of the TV for 6 hours an evening. I notice this attitude a lot from other women: it's like the WEDDING is the be-all-end-all, and after that you can just relax. The wooing is done. You don't need to try anymore. I find that sad... A contract would act like a five-yearly performance review, reminding each partner (because we're human and even with the best intentions, we sometimes forget) to pay attention to how they treat their spouse and how they live their lives. It doesn't just end when you walk down the aisle.

- Because of the ties with religion of the current format, gays can't marry. Under this system, they could.

- Divorces would be less emotionally impacting on the partners AND their children if they didn't come with a stigma of FAILURE. Actually, under this system the divorce rate would plummet. Without the pressure to stay with someone for the REST OF YOUR LIIIIIFE I think people would make an effort to keep things working smoothly 'til the end of their contract, especially if kids were involved.

I just think it'd be kind of awesome - but what would I know? I'm not married, nor have I ever been. I don't hate the institution like some of my secular friends; I think it's a lovely concept, I'd just like to see a little more logic paired with the romance.