April 15th, 2009

Cats - Sawyer: OMGYEY!

Life is good

The long weekend was a big'un, so I'm going to be a slacker and do another point-summary post before I leave it too long and skip writing it altogether.

Also, should I aggregate my Twitter posts to my journal? They're quite different to my Livejournal entries (more immediate, definitely more weird), so I don't think it'd be doubling up, but you be the judge: http://www.twitter.com/Tantastic

Joe pointed out this morning that after tonight, we'll have Done Something every single night for the past week. This might explain why we're both having trouble dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning. (Only one of us has to, really, and that one is me. Yes, I am slightly jealous. D:

My boss lost his voice last week. Since then, my job satisfaction has skyrocketed. :D

Thursday night:
- Spirit walk with Joe. Somehow found an open toy store in the middle of nowhere. Obtained Atari joystick keyring. Keyring actually plugs into TV and plays games. Sweeeet.

- This was the first day of the long weekend. We spent it over at Mark and Rosa's, marathonning all three Back to the Future films and topping it off with Kindergarten Cop.

- Worked on extending the cat run most of the day.
- Discovered ant lions under the front verandah.
- I caught up with Matt for dinner; we went to the Tibetan Cafe and then to a club in the Valley where we watched a goth!rock band play.
- Then we joined Joe at Elysium and, yes, shot zombies. We played with a friend of Matt's over the network, but he was one of those ultra-good players who zooms through the game, which isn't my favourite method of playing... I prefer savoring the atmosphere. Also, getting into trouble due to retarded player choices. :D Too much professionalism means, well... it's not a game anymore!
- Got bored of zombies, subsequently played through half of Portal.
- Wound up the night at 3am (part of a bid to train ourselves to stay up late effortlessly for Sunday night...)

- Slept in 'til midday.
- Joe baked a cake but Fail happened, so he made a pyramid of chocolate eggs instead.
- We went to Aaron's place for another Party of Epicry that night. Rock Band turned to Singstar Queen turned to Truth or Dare. My female coworkers tell me I am a good kisser. We finished up around 6.30am.

- After the party we gave Mark, Rosa and Wang a lift back to Mark and Rosa's, then hung out there for the rest of the day watching The Green Wing and chilling out.
- Too much drinking and spicy food the night before left me with my first-ever case of heartburn that evening. Hopefully it was the last, ugh!
- Went to Chloe's place for dinner, where ginger tea fixed me right up in time for her delicious homemade pizzas.

- Back to work!
- Hit the gym that evening.
- Showered there, met Joe and we went to the Himalayan Kitchen for dinner with Susan and Jason (who are back from Europe now), Hammond, and Adders.
- Finished the night with delicious Gelato.

- Work, still. Happy with how my latest symbol is coming out.
- Ice cream cake at work to belatedly celebrate my birthday. And not just any ice cream cake - a custom one from Cold Rock, with layers of my favourite flavours and mix-ins!
- Gym this afternoon.
- Dinner with Joe, Dad and Jeanne to belatedly celebrate my birthday.

A solid week of Doing Stuff! I hereby reserve Thursday night for doing Nothing Whatsoever. :)
Tania pratfall


Anyone got a small amount of webspace Joe can use for free? He has a domain but, thus far, nothing to point it at. He also has a small portfolio he needs to pop somewhere online - it's just HTML and JPEGs, nothing too strenuous.

Which reminds me, I should probably move my portfolio someplace else too; last I heard, Vicki's brother wanted to do something else with the server or something.

Any help appreciated, guys. <3