March 25th, 2009

Tania pratfall

Hermit crabs / Brisneyland meetup / everything else I've been up to

I've been a bit slack with proper updates lately! So I'll do what Hammond does when he's playing catchups with LJ and put it in dot form:

- Katie and I did a deep-clean of the hermit crab tank at work, and discovered that the three mediums (Spider-Crab, Batcrab and Doktor Krabbe) had been buried because they were all having another moult! This is good... Joe says a moulting crab is a happy crab. It means they're healthy and growing. Better yet, Herr Doktor has grown back a new claw! It's only weenie at the moment but we're all impressed at how well it went from being nonexistant to being half-grown in a single moult. Those playing at home will remember that he was the one who almost died when another crab tore off his fightin' claw, and he only pulled through due to some medicinal baths and a lot of TLC. We're all very fond of the Doktor.

- My supervisor Dave is back from overseas, and bought us all these little crazy Chinese figures. Mine is a samurai! He sits proudly beside my 'springy penis man in a barrel' that Dan bought me from the Philipines, and the bright yellow Cherax that Joe bought me from a Christmas cracker. ;)

- On Saturday, Joe and I voted in West End (really got to update our electoral enrollment, oops) and Labor won the election, giving us Australia's first elected female state Premier.

- We also went to the awesome secondhand bookstore in West End that we visited with Liz when she was up, and I picked up a book about graveyards (and specifically the art and history of headstones) in Australia.

- We went to Reverse Garbage too. Joe was hunting for parts for some oddity he is making me for my birthday. It's some kind of super-secret surprise but I'm told it involves a variety of puzzles and some things he is building from parts.

- My birthday is April 8th! I'm having a big three-way birthday party (Mark and Wang's birthdays are around the same time) on the Easter long weekend at Aaron's place, I think on the Sunday. We're going to cover a cake with chocolate eggs and stick two '7' candles in it, as 77 is our new ages combined. :D

- On Sunday we met up with hammond, dizzay, scoutlostthewar and dawnstar_au for the brisneyland meet-up at New Farm Park. Met lots of new people and had a great time! Everybody say hi to leggz, who is awesome and is now on my friends list. She, her husband and their kids are going to go to Supanova as the Incredibles. :D

- Speaking of which, Joe, Hammond, Damo and I are all going to Supanova. Jhonen Vasquez is there, so I will probably try to get my Zim box set signed (or buy 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac' and approach him like a RESPECTABLE fan) but also we're going to giggle at bad cosplayers.

- Trade fair coming up for work... just a one-afternoon thing in Brisbane.

- Hammond recently upgraded his Wii musical gear to Rock Band, and sold us his old Guitar Hero 3 (with 2 x Les Paul controllers) for fifty bucks. Sweeeeet.

- I've been to the gym every weeknight for the past week and a half since I joined, barring the nights I had to go to pole instead. Am thinking of switching from pole exclusively to gym because gym is closer (as in, right next door as opposed to a 40-minute train-and-walk journey each way), I get just as good if not a better workout, and gym is cheaper.

- I think my pants are looser, which (if true) is extra-good because I'm approaching ladytimes, which normally means I swell up like an angry frog. I'm not weighing myself to confirm or deny, due to getting overenthusiastic about the numbers back when I was getting a wee bit too skinny.

- This weekend it's Joe's mum's birthday, so we're spending Friday night and part of Saturday at the farm. On Sunday morning, Joe and I are taking our cameras to the Toowong Cemetery at dawn. :)