February 19th, 2009

Harvey Birdman - Judy - To the rescue!

Pipe dreams

Why do they call them "pipe dreams"? Is it surfing-related? Something you do while gnawing thoughtfully on a pipe 1950's TV-dad style?

Anyway, Joe and I are saving for a van at the moment and so far we're up to a grand, with more to come very soon. By mid-March we'll be over $4k at this rate. And I'm thinking, if we get up to around the $5k mark, it'd be really nice to buy a full-on campervan. You know, stove, bed, mini-fridge, power, the lot. (I think $5k is our savings limit for the van, as we'll have to switch to saving for the US trip after that because once our vehicular woes are sorted out, plane tickets will be the first thing to purchase and I do not intend to put any of this on credit.)

Then my imagination went wild and I recalled the year I spent freelancing. I didn't make bucketloads, but I made enough to get by; enough to pay my rent at the time (which was a lot more than I'm paying now) and to cover food and fun. Back then I was using a desktop PC and a large tablet; these days I have a very small laptop and an even smaller tablet. And even though I haven't freelanced for over two years, old clients keep contacting me offering work - I got a call from one just last night.

So then I looked up a website that shows all the free wireless internet hotspots in Australia, then checked another website that compares pre-paid non-plan wireless internet access costs and coverage from the major providers, then I downloaded and read the National Harvest Guide PDF (guide for backpackers looking for seasonal fruit picking jobs across Australia), and I thought, I wonder if it's possible for two people to travel about the place if one of them is fruit picking and the other is freelancing, if the van is outfitted with the basics and their living costs are low? Because I've freelanced successfully before, and the job Joe's doing now is as hot and physically demanding to the point where fruit picking wouldn't be too much worse.

Because man, that'd be so cool. To travel indefinitely, self-supporting, getting to know the nooks and crannies of this country. I've heard of people doing less likely things.

Might be something to think about when we've done the US trip. If we try it in Australia and it works, I wonder how hard it would be to apply the same methods worldwide?