February 18th, 2009

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V'Day, BBQ, sickness etc

First up, congrats to all those on my FL who got engaged this past Valentines Day!

Also, before I forget, it's hard for me to concentrate while typing this because I WORK WITH MONKEYS. My coworkers raided the downstairs fruit bowl for bananas and then proceeded to literally wrestle over the precious fruit, shrieking. Ahahaahaa!! Monkeys.

So on Friday night myself, Joey, Mark, Rosa, JB, Wang and Wang's fella Matt all went over to Aaron and Emily's place for a BBQ. Aaron is a guy I worked with in my Fuze Media days (well, nights) and he got a job here a couple of months back, much to my delight. His place is nice, has the biggest TV I've ever seen, and Emily puts on a MEAN BBQ. There was drinking, carousing, noisy board-gaming, and the playing of Rock Band (I got to sing "Still Alive"!) One of my favourite moments of the night was when Wang, wrapped in a pink blanket, drew comparisons to a large baby being squeezed out of a giant pink vagina. Another good moment happened during dinner as Mark and I chatted across the table while Rosa was distracted by another conversation:

Mark: "...so yeah, Rosa really broke me out of the 'good Christian boy' upbringing. She even taught me how to swear. Seriously, before I met her I NEVER swore."
Me: "Really? Say 'fuck'."
Mark: "Fuck."
Rosa: *shocked* "MARK! DON'T SWEAR!"

Also, Rock Band is a very fun game - I don't like the guitars as much as Guitar Hero, but I love the singing and the drums are AWESOME. We all had such a great time at Aaron's place it's going to become a regular thing. We all crashed there overnight (I fell asleep on the FLOOR... Joe kindly put a pillow under my head and a blanket over me) and woke up the next morning to wry hungover grins, McDonalds breakfast, and a couple of movies - the new Wallace & Grommit short, and the latest Futurama movie. I had a sore throat but figured it was from the singing the night before.

Joe and I raided Aaron's hard drive for movies to take home on the thumb drive, then made our hungover way to Joey's parents place. Oh! Also, it was Valentine's Day, but we were hungover and didn't pay it much heed. We're a bit wary of the whole "manufactured day to tell someone you love them" dealie and we prefer to do the I-love-yous and small-random-gifts all year 'round, but as a nod to the occasion, Joe got me a little solar-powered plastic flower that waves and bobs around (it now lives on my desk at work) and I got him a miniature card from www.leafcutterdesigns.com. <--- You guys should really check out this link, it's awesome. I got it from the Dinosaur Comics RSS feed... a while back, someone anonymously used the service to send artist Ryan North a tiny letter from Mr Tusks, Mayor of Tinytown.

Hanging out at the farm was nice as always. Joe and I met his mum's new chickens, these adorable black things with white speckles. Joe happened to have bought a container of mealworms (when I pulled them out at the party the night before, Wang shrieked and ran away; Joe and JB subsequently ate one each) and we used these to woo the new chickens until one particularly cute, chatty hen was eating from our hands. Awwww... <3

By nightfall I knew I was coming down with something, so the next day we took it easy and went home to watch a few movies. Then the virus came and raped my head while I slept, and I couldn't get up the next morning so I took the day off to lie in bed groaning, and because I had to go to the doc's for a medical certificate anyway, took the chance to report in on the progress of the PMDD treatment (fantastic!) and get a long-overdue breast exam and pap-smear (not so much fun, but not as horrid as I remember).

Good thing I got a medical certificate for TWO days because when Tuesday rolled around I was a little better, but still pretty wasted, so I took another day off to shake the virus. Joe took the day off to look after me, and it turned into a very nice day of lazing about catching up on the latest season of Supernatural. Oh, and thanks to the cold I also finished season two of Life on Mars. Who says being ill is all bad?

I'm back at work today, good as gold except for a bit of tiredness and a persistent little cough. Thanks to missing all of Tuesday, I also missed my pole fitness pump class, so I'm going to make that up tomorrow night - hurrah!

And that's life.
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