February 10th, 2009

Tania pratfall

Adventures in Pet Ownership

Last weekend, Beckett had a little Incident with worms. Let's not go into the details, save that... well, no. it's too early in the morning for ANY of the hilarious anecdotes from that night.

As a result, Richard wormed Beckett and I decided to worm my three as a preventative. None of them had shown any evidence of worms, but dude, I NEVER want to see them do what Beckett... well, again, let's leave it at that. I decided on worming paste for my mob, thinking it'd be easier than the usual rigmarole with making a cat swallow a pill it doesn't want to swallow. WRONG. The paste may be easier to jam down their throats but this advantage is more than negated by the fact that you have to stick a metric tonne of it into them. By the time I was done there was paste in the cats, on the cats, on the floor and on me.

Heads-up to Brisbane cat owners - around June, the Council is introducing mandatory registration for cats. No indication of pricing yet, but they currently charge $85.50 per dog (discounted down to $30.70 if desexed), so it's a safe bet that cats will be about the same. Thank goodness for the desexing rebate, but even so, my three will cost over $90. I will definitely register them though - that, in combination with microchipping and collars, will help ensure that if one ever gets out of the cat run and gets lost, they'll be returned.

Speaking of collars, I'm currently investigating custom tags. I couldn't find anything awesome enough for a good price, so I thought about designing one and getting Chris to get it cast for me, as getting three of those cast and cleaned would cost about the same as buying three high-end tags online. And then I thought, fuck it, that's overkill, and decided I'll probably just get the round engraved aluminum tags from Ebay.

In the world of the Hermit Crabs, Doktor Krabbe has been put back into the main tank. I'm surprised and pleased that he actually survived, and even more pleased that he seems to have perked up considerably more now that he's in the company of the other crabs. Hopefully he will grow his big claw back in his next couple of molts. We've also had a death in the tank: I found the remains of Lightning, one of the baby crabs, buried in the food bowl. One of the other crabs has a macabre sense of humor.

In non-pet-related activities: Joe and I went to Erinn and Ro's place on Friday night and had dinner with them, Greg and Cameron. It was really, really good fun - awesome conversation, lots of laughs, good music, great food, and we ended the night by playing group games of Boom Blox 'til midnight.

As we drove home, a young man ran out along the side of the road, naked but for his underwear, waving a beer can in the ear and screaming "WOO!!"

We spent the rest of the weekend being lazy and playing videogames. After hectic last weekend it was a welcome break.

I've gotten back into walking. The knee is as good as it'll ever be and I want to keep my aerobic fitness up so that I can get the most out of the pole pump class (which is tonight, incidentally). Also tonight I'm going to sign up to the Beginners Pole Dancing course, which is on Wednesday nights starting in a couple of weeks. And we've convinced Joe and JB to do a once-off pole dancing class (Joe didn't take much convincing) so that will be Awesome Sauce.

Breakfast time!
The Lion King: Simba: NYAH!

This one's for the 2D animators out there

Lemme hear ya say, "hey-yo!"

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not looking for a new job. Nor am I looking to start a studio. I love where I am right now and I'd be nutso to leave. Nay, this is pure research for the sake of research. Inquiring minds would like to know.

OK, I'm a bit out of touch with the domestic and international market for 2D animation right now. When I went to uni, Australia had a wobby 2D animation industry just finding its legs (it's since flopped again as far as I can tell, though some studios are persisting - rhianimated currently works for an Actual Animation Studio in NSW) but it was still relatively strong in parts of Europe (especially the UK), in Canada, and of course, in Korea.

Is this still the case? Are there new hotbeds? Have the old ones deflated?

What I really want to know is this: what makes 2D animation a continually viable industry in those countries? Is it the exchange rate? The location? The business models? The available education? What are they doing in Canada, for example, that they're not doing in Australia?

Are there any studios that offer BOTH 2D and 3D services? How successful is this business model?

What are your thoughts?

Rambling about socialising and pole fitness

I don't think there's anything special about being clever these days. The internet makes it very easy to be clever. More rare is the ability to be non-judgmental, and rarer still is the ability to forgive.

It's a slow day at work and I'm thinking too much and working too little. I'm REALLY looking forward to pole-pump class (geez, when you say it like that it sounds so dirty) tonight, followed by meeting Joey in the Indooro library for our traditional one-night-per-week library chillout time.

We're also hopefully having Erinn and Ro over on Thursday night for Killer Bunnies and Boom Blox and other assorted games. They live in St Lucia, and it's really nice to have friends close by. If it goes well, maybe we'll make Thursday night games a regular thing. Our hobbies are gradually ordering themselves into patterns. Monday nights are generally "chill out at home nights"; Tuesday nights for me are Pole Pump workouts and then cheap DVD night with Joey, Wednesdays will soon be poledancing lessons, Thursdays are friends OR shopping-and-library, and Fridays are generally friends nights.

For those who are interested, this is the mob I'm doing all the poledancing stuff though:


I know I've talked about this a lot already, but I can't get over how happy that first lesson made me. Even the muscle pain I felt afterwards was nice. I'd forgotten how much I love the simple act of using my body. It makes me greedy for more. That's why I started walking again this week: despite the current muggy heat, despite the sweat and stickiness, I love the feeling of ownership it gives me over my body. This time around, it's all extra-satisfying because I don't loathe my body anymore; I'm quite fond of it. That's a huge thing for me.

I think the other reason I'm finding the exercise satisfying is that my life was becoming unbalanced - I'd got a good mixture of relationship, friends, work, sex, creative satisfaction and leisure, but I was neglecting the physical side. Letting my body have some positive attention feels like putting the final piece of a puzzle in place. (OK, there's the "being a better housekeeper" piece, but I think that one slipped down the back of the couch...)

The pole fitness place has a 12-week challenge you can take. It's got a nonspecific toning / weight loss / fitness goal. If you win (I'm not sure how they decide) you get a free course of lessons. Some of the rules would be difficult for me to adhere to, especially "You must eat only food you've prepared yourself"... but generally the stuff I find most difficult is the stuff I should be doing more of.